CLn Skin Care Review- Healthy skin / No mas problemas de la piel con CLn Skin Care

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for CLn Skin Care. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. 

CLN_skin_care_products_review get_rib_of_eczemaHola chicas, every season changes, and me and my younger daughter’s skin suffer from minor skin problems, but don’t mistake the “minor” word in this sentence, because it is very uncomfortable to have very dry skin, eczema spots and flaky scalp. I use all kinds of products on my daughter and they seem to work for a while, but then the dry spots and flaky scalp comes back, this is really bad for a 9 year old old, because she scratches a lot and you know how cruel little kids can be, so I make sure to try everything possible -safely- on her to avoid this flaky, uncomfortable situation. 
When I was asked to try CLn skin care products for a review I was very happy, not only for me and my daughter, but for many of you that expressed to me the suffering from a flaky scalp, dandruff and eczema. Well, let me tell you chicas that CLn skin care is wonderful to both skin and scalp, I was asked to review two products: CLn Facial cleanser and CLn BodyWash, but on this review, I will be focusing on the CLn BodyWash because this is the product we used, since no one at home has any visible face problems. 

CLn BodyWash is a dermatologist-developed, clinically- tested product designed to calm and soothe skin prone to eczema, acne, itchy skin/sclap, sensitive skin condition, infection and also aids in the reduction of body odor. 
I used this product on Liah’s dry spot and scalp and it did wonders to her, I mean wonders: dry spots gone after a few uses, so I stopped using it on her skin because I don’t really know if I should continue suing it or not, and because I don’t want to waste it in case the dry spots comes back, lol.
Let’s move on to the fun part- not so fun- liar’s scalp: I washed her hair with my go to shampoo first, and this is because I only wash her hair once a week and I didn’t want to waste the CLn BodyWash in one use, then I applied CLn BodyWash on her scalp “only” and massaged to lather for about 5 minutes, I rinsed well and continued with my regular conditioner to detangle avoiding the scalp. 

Results: the very first time, Liah’s flaky scalp got better about 50% but she wasn’t scratching (which is my main concern) Second time use improvement in 70%  I also noticed a reduce in sweat odor by approximately 80% and a more fresh clean hair throughout the week. I used CLn BodyWash on Liah’s scalp 4 times and haven’t used it ever since, why? because her flaky scalp or dandruff is gone -for now- 
I am using the CLn BodyWash as well on my skin (very dry) at least a few times a week, but the improvement of my skin is not as notorious as liar’s.

Things to love about CLn BodyWash:
Gentle, non-irritating, soothing, calming
Safe and effective for use on children ages six months and above
Perfect for head-to-toe use on hair, face and body
Recommended and tested by dermatologists
Received the seal of acceptance by the national eczema association 
Gel consistency, so you can control better how much you use
great lather, a little goes a long way.


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