Show your curls some love with Mixim greek yogurt / Bienvenido Mixim a CA

This post is sponsored by Ehrmann Mixim, all opinions, photos and thoughts are my own.new_greek_yogurt_mixim

Hola chicas, remember I told you about the new greek yogurt MIXIM and a great event they were having on Valentine’s day? you don’t? well read all about it here 
Low-fat Greek yogurt is a super power food for our natural hair because it is high in hair-friendly proteins, vitamin B5; pantothenic acid which is an ingredient often found on hair care product labels, and vitamin D. That alone is a good reason to eat greek yogurt, but let’s not forget how good it is for our overall health. For those reasons and many more I got really excited about trying this new greek yogurt last February 14 at the queen Mary in Long beach.

The Event was phenomenal, Queen Mary became pink for a night to welcome Mixim Greek yogurt to California and the United States. It was a magical night full of surprises, prizes, love and the main dish, Mixim greek yogurt. As guests walked in the Queen Mary on a pink carpet, the lovely, perfect weather on valentine’s day night got infused with music, food, drinks, good vibe and romance.

mixim_greek_yogurtThe highlight of the night was without a doubt, the world wide record of most couples feeding each other yogurt and mixim yogurt tastiness.
I chose to try “Cherry and Chocolate Curls” can you guess why? lol Mixim greek yogurt brings an entirely new twist to your yogurt experience. It is creamy, smooth, and delivers all of the benefits of a traditional Greek yogurt, but comes in fun new heart shaped pack that allows you to mix and match toppings, in any way you please. MIXIM blends the best quality fruits and ingredients into its creamy smooth and naturally sweet MIXIM Greek yogurt – grade A humane certified milk; and antioxidant-rich fruits like raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and mangos. Yogurt flavors include Cherry and Chocolate Curls; Raspberry with Dark and White Chocolate Curls; Mango Pineapple with Coconut & Almonds; Honey with Coconut & Almonds; Strawberries with Granola; and Blackberry Pomegranate with Granola & Dried Fruits. I can’t wait to try the others flavors, Yummy!!!

Whether you’re on-the-go, need an indulgent, yet healthy snack or just crave a delicious mix-in experience, MIXIM is a fresh and exciting way of enjoying Greek yogurt…With a twist

You can follow Mixim yogurt on their different website and enjoy all the great promotions and contests they will have in the launch of this amazing product and follow the hashtag #miximlove


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Women’s Candy Store “ISSE” / Expo de Belleza en Long Beach

There is no better place to a girl than a beauty expo, right? Last Sunday I was invited by  Zotos to the International Salon and Spa Expo (ISSE) in Long Beach that has become the West Coast’s largest and most influential beauty event open exclusively to licensed beauty professionals, students and instructors. ISSE is a complete beauty event for hair, nails, cosmetics, esthetics and advanced education.

zotos_products_isseIt was a great experience for me, even though I am not a beauty professional, it was wonderful to see all the new trends and products..I was really surprised to see so many new hair products that are more aware of the ingredients they use in their formulas, which makes me feel confident that the companies are listening to us, and taking our health seriously.

Hair_products_isseA lot of products impressed me at ISSE, but I particularly want to share two with you all:

temporary_grey_hair_coverKIWABI Root Vanish By Kazumi: with a click, the gel-type colorant pumps into the soft, luxuriously thick brush applicator for a quick and easy direct application. There is no need to use hands, plastic gloves or shoulder covers as the plant essence based gel doesn’t run, clump or drip. A surprising amount of area can be veiled with a single pump of the smooth, blend-able formula. less and less products will be needed each morning, or occasionally for a youthful, vibrant look. I am totally in love with this product, it covered my gray hairs completely and after dry, you can touch and style your hair with no problem of taking it off with your hands..

pedicure_flipflop_issePediPrincess, is a design by Laura slipak, a cute flip flop with toe spreaders for a pedicure, with innovative and fashionable prints..LOVE IT!!

Hope you like my top picks of ISSE, have you tried any of these products?


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Award season with Bigelow Tea! / Preparate para temporada de premios

I was invited to the event by Bigelow and Collective Bias, all opinions and pictures are my own, feel free to pin it. 

Beverage_for_award_season_partiesCelebrities, gifts, tea? Count me in, lol, last Saturday I was invited by Bigelow to “Celebrity Connected” an event that occurs the day before a Hollywood awards ceremony, where celebrities attend to pretty much learn about 40+ participating vendors and in most cases, take the products home. This event is super fun, casual and allows me to not only meet celebrities, but to learn more about Bigelow tea and what makes it a trend tea. I learned that drinking tea is a healthy trend among celebrities, specially the youngest ones that are surprisingly aware of it’s benefits.

Toks Olagundoye- The Neighbors-

As I took pictures with celebrities, tweeted and posted a  lot of pictures on my instagram account (@dailycurlz), I learned a few trend facts about tea, and why so many celebrities drink it as their beverage of choice during award season over coffee to keep them focused and looking their best at all times.

Less caffeine than coffee.
Tea may reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.
 Tea protects your bones. 
Good for your teeth.
Boosts your immune defenses.
Helps keep you hydrated. 
Increases your metabolism. 

There are so many benefits of drinking tea and for me, it is a very important part of my new year’s resolution, I am not ready to give up coffee yet, but I will be adding tea to my routine and only a small cup of coffee in the morning ” baby steps” .

What about you? Are you a tea drinker? Which one is your favorite tea? 


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"Sunrise at the Oasis" Rose Parade 2014, / "Ocaso en el Oasis" Desfile de las rosas 2014

I have always been a huge fan of the Rose Parade, I remember watching it on a black and white tv, that we had to turn on the night before, so it will get warm and we could see the images on it, oh boy we come far from those old times. Can you imagine my excitement the first time I saw the rose parade on full color? So for me, living near the actual Rose Parade is just unbelievable and if someone would’ve told me back then that I would be helping decorate one of the floats, I would be like, no way. Last weekend and for the second year the DOLE food invited me to a family fun event, where we all got the chance to get our hands on the float and help create magic.

DOLE Rose Float facts:,
 “Sunrise at the Oasis,” brings together a dazzling floral display of live and animated entertainment as three waterfalls cascade into an abundant oasis filled with palm trees, tropical flowers and animals that command attention, such as the white peacocks and camels adorned with elaborated tapestries and jewels.  As the sun rises, the whimsical oasis awakens from its majestic dreams, bidding its traveler adieu. Featured throughout this floral masterpiece are fresh and healthy fruits, including bananas, pineapples, mangos, papayas, peaches, strawberries and blueberries that are grown and provided by Dole for use on their float.
A whimsical oasis of graceful sculptured palm trees, with lavish cascades of lavender Cattleya and dendrobium orchids, provides a fantasy canopy over lush floral gardens of over 40,000 hot pink Princess roses that ramble through colorful tropical gardens created from thousands of specialty anthuriums, cypripedium and hybrid vanda orchids.  Foliages and ferns are intermixed with bromeliad plants to complete the exotic gardens.
Traditional folk music will play with crowd-pleasing performances in motion featuring live drummers and a variety of dazzling dancers including belly dancers, veil dancers, sword dancers, wing dancers and fire dancers at street level on both sides of the float.
The DOLE “Sunrise at the Oasis” float was designed and created by Fiesta Parade Floats, which built 20 consecutive Sweepstakes Trophy Winners in the Rose Parade—including DOLE’S previous three entries in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Are you a Rose Parade Fan?



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Fitness Magazine meet and Tweet LA / Encuentro de la Revista Fitness con las Blogueras en LA.

A very important part of my beauty and natural hair routine includes regular exercises and a healthy living. I am constantly looking for inspiration for me, my family and you my readers, for that reason when I knew about the event that Fitness Magazine was putting together, I tried my best to be there. The … Read more