Win a VIP experience with Becky G | Gana una experiencia VIP con Becky G.

Sponsored by AT&T Latino


Last week, I had the pleasure of going to watch Becky G perform at an AT&T sponsored event in Lakewood, California. I was surprised by her answer when I asked her how she’s able to keep herself so grounded. She promptly responded:
“My family! I feel like I keep saying my family for everything, but it’s the truth! The life I live is not normal. I’m constantly traveling and I’m always busy. My lifestyle is not normal, but when I’m home, I’m not Becky G. I’m B or Rebecca, I still clean my room! My family doesn’t treat me any differently.” 

Later on in the evening as the fans began pouring into the AT&T store to greet the native Inglewood songstress, an eruption of screams occurred when their idol was introduced and walked into the room. The excitement grew when Becky herself told her devoted fans that she would not only be singing one, but TWO songs for them. It seemed as though everyone knew the lyrics to “You Love It” and “Shower” which are only some of the stars popular hits. All in all, it was a very special and memorable night for not only Becky G, but for the fans who have followed her from the very beginning.Becky G en concierto

I Met Becky G a while ago and I could be happier to watch her success and this collaboration with AT&T where fans with the right rhythm and sound could harmonize their way into an exclusive VIP experience with Becky G this fall. The singer-songwriter, rapper has teamed up with AT&T to find the ultimate fan cover of her hit “You Love It”.

Fans can record and upload their rendition on Twitter by tagging @ATTLatino. To enter, they must use the hashtags . Becky G will select the best entries along with AT&T. The winners will get a once in a lifetime trip to meet Becky G in person during her U.S. music tour this fall. For Becky G, this experience is also about celebrating her personal journey. The singer began her career by recording cover songs on YouTube less than 5 years ago. Read all about this contest HERE.


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10 essential travel tips / 10 consejos esenciales para viajar

This post is sponsored by U by Kotex, but the opinions are all my own. natural_hair_in_the_city curly_girl New_york_style New_city_central_park Summer is a great time to travel and explore. And since my last trip, I made a promise to travel light, and I must say that I did a pretty good job this time on my trip to NYC, just follow these 10 essential travel tips for a very successful trip:

  1. Read other people’s review about places and restaurants.
  2. Update your social media status and let everyone know that you are traveling to that place, you will surprised of the connections/invitations/ tips you will get.
  3. Pack light: this is the most difficult part for me, but I did it chicas: I packed leggings, skirts and super light blouses, as well as sample products.
  4. Create an outfit or outfits that you like to wear when traveling in the summer. Pair each outfit with your favorite pair of undies . U by Kotex will help protect your favorite pair of undies and your cute travel outfit. From now on, when you travel you will have the confidence to wear whatever you want and you won’t be throwing away your favorite pair of undies after the trip. Get your free sample HERE 
  5. BB cream are a must: this type of product will save you a lot of space in your suit case, because bb cream does it all.
  6. Bring your favorite perfume in a sample size, smell confident good and avoid ruining your big bottle of your favorite fragrance.
  7. Samples and more samples, it is summer, so mosquitos bite and sun can ruin your vacation, I took with me the most amazing wipes form LA fresh save_the_undies
  8. More essential: lightweight rolling wheelie suit case, a slim digital camera, Duct tape and ziploc bags.
  9. Sleep it over: I love California,but all my destinations seem to be far, lol I found out that the best way to survive long plane trips is to sleep as soon as you get into the plane. Eat dinner, have a drink, put your blackout mask and sweet dreams.
  10. HAVE FUN, and leave room for the unknown and the secrets that the city holds for you.


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Award season with Bigelow Tea! / Preparate para temporada de premios

I was invited to the event by Bigelow and Collective Bias, all opinions and pictures are my own, feel free to pin it. 

Beverage_for_award_season_partiesCelebrities, gifts, tea? Count me in, lol, last Saturday I was invited by Bigelow to “Celebrity Connected” an event that occurs the day before a Hollywood awards ceremony, where celebrities attend to pretty much learn about 40+ participating vendors and in most cases, take the products home. This event is super fun, casual and allows me to not only meet celebrities, but to learn more about Bigelow tea and what makes it a trend tea. I learned that drinking tea is a healthy trend among celebrities, specially the youngest ones that are surprisingly aware of it’s benefits.

Toks Olagundoye- The Neighbors-

As I took pictures with celebrities, tweeted and posted a  lot of pictures on my instagram account (@dailycurlz), I learned a few trend facts about tea, and why so many celebrities drink it as their beverage of choice during award season over coffee to keep them focused and looking their best at all times.

Less caffeine than coffee.
Tea may reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.
 Tea protects your bones. 
Good for your teeth.
Boosts your immune defenses.
Helps keep you hydrated. 
Increases your metabolism. 

There are so many benefits of drinking tea and for me, it is a very important part of my new year’s resolution, I am not ready to give up coffee yet, but I will be adding tea to my routine and only a small cup of coffee in the morning ” baby steps” .

What about you? Are you a tea drinker? Which one is your favorite tea? 


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