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ceramic brushDoes the ceramic brush straightener really work?

You may be stumble upon one or two videos on social media about the wonder of the ceramic brush straightener, I am not one that goes crazy about a viral video, but I must admit that as a hair blogger, I was intrigued. To no surprise, when Luma sent me a newsletter introducing their ceramic brush I was super excited. So, does the ceramic brush straightener really work?

(Brand claim)Luma Brush was created to solve a common problem many women face everyday—a lack of time to do their hair. Luma Brush is a revolutionary new way to straighten your hair in a fraction of the time it normally takes. Think of it as a mash up between a flat iron and a styling brush. Instead of using a traditional flat iron that squeezes hair between two flat heating elements to straighten your hair, you simply brush it. Now gorgeous, sleek and smooth hair can be achieved in minutes with just a few strokes from your roots to your tips. If it takes you about 20 minutes to straighten your hair with a flat iron, it’ll take you about two minutes with Luma!
Designed with a wide, 3D hot ceramic surface and spring-backed, plastic heat-insulated bristles that contour to your head, Luma brush is faster, gentler, and more effective on hair. There is no more need to section hair using clips, go over the same part again and again, or burn your scalp in order to get close to the roots. Luma Brush heats up to a constant temperature of 185/365 F in 60 seconds. Luma Brush is available at for $59. 

Such a wonder no? Let’s put it to the test.. I did exactly what they say in the package, I washed my hair, I brushed it down as it was drying to avoid it being curly.
The brush takes about one minute to heat up, which is usually more that my usual flatiron, but no big deal.
My hair is really curly and I need a device that really reaches my roots, even though they say that the brush does this. They are marketing it as just brush slowly in pulling motions thoughtout your hair, but we all know that just brushing it down won’t do it for really curly hair (I did it like the picture above)
No need to section my hair? not for a curly girl, NO. It was extremely uncomfortable to brush my hair down, without sectioning it, not impossible, but to really get a straight look on my type of hair this technique is not recommended.
I would love to see a temperature setting, just because every curly hair has specifics needs. A looser curl pattern may be ok with a lower setting heat whereas a more kinkier hair type may need a higher one.does the ceramic brush actually works ceramic brush straightener

The brush does work, don’t get me wrong, I think it does. But the technique they are promoting is not for every curly girl. I can’t just use any straightening device without my hair being properly dry with a roller set or a blow out. I truly believe that if treat the ceramic brush as a regular flat iron, my results will be better. I also had to go over the same section over and over for it to be straight, and curving my ends was almost imposible.

The Ceramic Brush does works, I don’t quite understand why someone will choose this over a flat iron though ? I will probably use it again in the future or on a different hair type and I will keep you posted. Please let me know if you have tried the ceramic brush, your technique, and how you like it? If you feel that curiosity and want to try it, I think this Luma brush is a good price and better than other brushes I have seen around.

Disclaimer. I received a free product to make this review possible 

2 thoughts on “Does the ceramic brush straightener really work? | Cepillo de ceramics, funciona?

  1. Hi, my name is Ingrid and I am in love with your blog. Super super fabulous, and I am, jus tlike you, Dominican. I can appreciate your writing and look forward to reading them regularly. I wanted to ask you a very serious question I find mix reviews about on the internet.

    I grew up with the notion that I COULD NOT leave my hair wet. I have curly hair just like you and after years of blonde highlights, extensions, and Dominican blow outs, my hair lost its curl and I have spent years trying to get my curls back. Its been difficult because when I go to the Dominican salon they tell me that I will continue to destroy my hair if I leave it wet and don’t do rollers. On the other hand, some site says that in order to repair hair from damage the best advice is to cut regular, refrain from heat and use products geared towards your hair type. I am confused. I have a lot of breakage and desperately need your thoughts.

    Currently, I have been growing out my hair, no dyes, not sulfate products. I have been using DevaCurl and love it but I really want to know if staying away from heat will help this process.


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