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              Hi  my natural “bellas”

OHH, There are no rules! all you have to do is subscribe or follow this blog and add a comment to this post only ; you can say Hi, or tell me something about yourself or any recommendation for future post (whatever you want)

The giveaway ends May 28Th 
winner will announce on the 29th  

the winner gets:

  1. one  200gms of Reshma Henna
  2. one bottle of a 4nz DailyCurlz 100 % natural hair oil 
  3.  one satin scarf 36 x 36
  4. one pair feather hair pins
  5. one cloth brooch 

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  1. did the big chop in March so i’m just looking for products that will work for you

  2. I love being Nartural, my hair is long and curly, even if I don’t win….would love to order your OIL…

  3. I love your blog, it inspires me on my natural hair journey. Even if I don’t win I will continue to follow you and learn more from your on my journey. I take things 1 day at a time….

  4. Hi. Love your post! This is my 2nd time going natural. This year I am living heat free – blow dry/press/flat iron 🙂

  5. Hello i am currently transitioning love the site! and your curls.. will be placing an order for the oil

  6. Hello, I follow you on Facebook as well & your hair looks so healthy.I will be placing an order for your oil.

  7. Ive been transitionng with braid extensions and about to start wearing my hair out. You hair is stunning. Hope mine can look half as good.

  8. I linked to your blog from Mop Top Maven’s FB. You have a great blog. I’m following now. Looking forward to reading your next post.

  9. love love your oil. so helpful in my 2x daily moisturizing while i am transitioning..please enter me in your first giveaway 🙂

  10. Love your hair…. 🙂 I was thinking that maybe you can do something that show cases the natural children’s hair 🙂


  11. I love the page and how response you are! It’s much appreciated by the newbies

  12. Hi! I can’t wait to get that henna! I’m entering the giveaway now, heading over to check your page for the shipping info.

  13. Hi Daily! I’m happy to see your blog. I ‘Like’ you on FB. I must say that your oil is truly moisturizing my hair. 😀 I hope that I win this.

  14. I stumbled upon you on Facebook and I love your hair and some of the styles in your pics!

  15. I am new to your blog and Facebook page. Enjoy them both. I’m interested in blogs for teen girls. My 15 y.o. daughter recently did the big chop and I want to encourage her.

  16. Hello, I transitioned for a year and am now 1 month being natural, I love it:)

  17. Hello I transitioned a year ago and i’ve been a little losted but I went to the Texas Black Expo this weekend and have learned alot about my beautiful natural hair and how to Love it and myself

  18. Hello I am a new naturalista. I did my BC on April 2011. I also did it b/c of my daughter. She is one years old & I want her to grow up loving her God-given curls. I wanted her to only remember mommy with natural curls as well. I love your website & blog keep all the wonderful info coming. It is definitely helpful for a newbie like me. I want to continue learning how to keep me & my daughter’s hair healthy & growing. By the way you & your two daughters have beautiful hair =0)

  19. Enter me!!! I want some of the good stuff! 🙂
    By the way I’m very proud of you, your work and dedication is very inspiring!!! 🙂

  20. Are you Dominican by any chance? (and am I subscribed? I think I just did (Tanya B.)

  21. I visit your page all the time on facebook, and i love it. Enter me into your contest.

  22. Looks like some great treats in that goodie package you got there!! 😉 I would love to enter to win them!

  23. Heyyy this is Jaki Dee!! I visit your page several time a day for the good stuff you have on there. I have never used henna and am curious about what it will do to my hair. Thanks, see ya on Facebook!

  24. Your curlz ROCK! I’m so happy to have found your blog. Peace and Blessings…

  25. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii there.. Im hailing ya from FB..I would love love love to WIN and try your products..Fingas crossed and blving it for meeeeeeeeeee..

  26. I really enjoy following you on Facebook. you give great tips. Congratulations on your blog I hope dailycurlz becomes a household name

  27. Hello! I’m Jennifer. Found you through Facebook and saw we have similar hair so I thought I’d follow you to get some more tips. I cut my hair two and a half years ago less than an inch all around. Now my hair is finally about 18 inches. No more relaxers!! I embrace my God given curls!!

  28. Im excited b/c Im cutting off the remainder of my relaxer on FRIDAY!! Thanks for all of the helpful info on FB! Love reading your posts and Im learning more all the time! Thanks DailyCurlz!!


  30. CONGRATULATIONS..CHOQUOLATE CHIQBKA QD…I’m following! on facebook (Qiana Nicks-Davis) and twitter(qianaqiana)And I love your site!
    May 27, 2011 5:03 PM

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