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The sun is lightening my hair quite a bit. I never noticed that when I was relaxing my hair. Is natural hair more prone to that?

it does seem weird that the sun bleaches our hair and darkens our skin. This mostly has to do with hair being dead and skin being alive. The sun lightens your hair in the same way it bleaches the color out of the paint on your walls and fabric of your drapes and curtains. This effect is more noticeable if you spend a lot of time in the sun.The sun bleaches and destroys the melanin in your hair giving you lighter hair. Since hair is dead, the hair will stay that color until new hair comes in.. 
Natural hair usually turn a shade lighter under direct sunlight.However, color treated hair can turn two to four shades lighter under the same circumstances. Coarse hair and split-ends are also more likely to occur in people with excessive exposure to the sun.

 natural hair is not more prone to color change in the sun, However some natural product are more prone to change your hair color like Lemon and ACV rinse. There are a couple of tips you can try to prevent or lessen the effect of sun bleaching on your hair. 
The first and easiest is to tuck your hair under a baseball cap or wide brimmed hat when you go outside. Not only does this shield your hair from the sun, it will also keep your head and brain cool, protecting you from heat stroke.
 If you don’t like how you look in hats, you can also buy sun block specifically made for your hair. There are several good ones on the market. You apply it just as you wouldleave in conditioner. or get crafty and do your own: 
 Mix 1 teaspoon of sunscreen lotion with SPF of 25 or higher with 1/2 cup water in a spray bottle. Keep the spray bottle with you and spray your hair every couple hours while in the sun.

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  1. one of my favorite picutres of your cottage ~ wait ~ what am i saying? they’re all wonderful!but i so like the one with your furniture out there and a geranium and it’s raining! beautiful.you took it through the screen i think. and the back lawn and forest was in the background.just lovely rosemary!

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