5 ways of include Coffee into your beauty regimen/ 5 Formas de incorporar el Café en tu régimen de belleza

Hello morning, hello coffee, yes, I can’t start my day without caffeine, I think I have drunk coffee my whole life, my grandmother use to give me coffee with casabe (A crispy flat bread made from cassava “yuca” flour-center of the Taino diet) in the morning as a breakfast or snack. But coffee has a … Read more

GIVE YOUR SCALP A NEW BEGINNING WITH A DIY SCRUB / exfoliante para el cuero cabelludo

natural scalp scrub Product build up and dead skin can accumulate in your scalp, causing your pores to clog , dranfull, dry itchy scalp, oily scalp  and irritation. With this simple scrub you can give your scalp that new, clean beginning you need to prepare it for for moisturizers and other products that will help … Read more