Here’s Why Women Love This New Body Wash


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This post is in collaboration with Olay, all opinions are my own. 

Here's Why Women Love This New Body Wash

Olay is launching a new foaming body, and here’s why women love this new body wash. The New Olay Foaming Whip Body Wash collection will flip your shower experience on its head.

  • This breakthrough foam will change everything you think you know about foaming wash.
  • It creates a luxe lather with a weightless feel and a foam that literally defies gravity.
  • Quickly dissolves into a watery solution that washes down the drain, Olay Foaming Whip lathers instantly into a thick and luxurious foam.
  • It makes a more fun and enjoyable shower experience.
  • A small amount of the foam goes a long way – 30+ showers per bottle

The difference

It is extremy easy to use, simply shake, flip dispense, smooth into your skin, and rinse.
Perfect if you have teens at home because it defies gravity avoiding spills and waste.
Rich lather with no heavy residue. An advanced formula goes on smooth and washes away effortlessly.
It leaves the skin feeling weightlessly soft and clean.

A collection for all types of personality and personal preference:

  1. White Strawberry & Mint- my daughter’s favorite – Sweet and refreshing scent perfect for those morning showesr to awaken your senses with a cooling scent.
  2. Shea Butter. A subtle but ultra moisturizer for those of us that not only love shea butter but also enjoy Olay’s ultra moisture shea butter body wash.
  3. Birch Water & Lavender. Perfect for those night showers or at home spa to revive your spirit with a purifying scent. My personal favorite to set my body and mind for a great night’s sleep.

A palm full of Olay Foaming Whip can be flipped over without falling or dripping. Turn your shower experience into a delightful moment in your day and get your hands on the full collection at your favorite store like Rite Aid or Olay’s website at an amazing retail price of $4.99.



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