I Finally Visited The Much Talked About Glen Ivy Hot Springs

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I finally visited the much talked about Glen Ivy Hot Springs. A few weeks ago my friend from UnaColombianaEnCalifornia.com  said to me that she needed a full day spa after a whole month of hard work and the end of the school year. Instantly we screamed -me and Carla from NotasDeMama– ” Glen Ivy Hot Springs!”

As a mom, I always tend to others needs before mine, and this is why it took me so long to visit this amazing place. However, it is very important to create more me or solo time, because not only does it have personal benefits, but it has interpersonal benefits as well.

We arrived at Glen Ivy Hot Springs really early; they open at 9:00 and we wanted to take advantage of everything. One thing I noticed right way was that the staff there has excellent costumer services…

You have everything on your reservation and their staff explains everything they have to offer, shows you around, goes over your schedule and gives you recommendations.

The Cabanas

We were able to try the cabanas at the secret garden, which is beautiful and peaceful. If you are celebrating, or maybe just want an extra experience at Glen Ivy I recommend a cabana. All cabanas come with personalized service and dedicated menus. I Finally Visited The Mucha Talked About Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Club Mud

The club mud is by far the most popular treatment at Glen Ivy, it is included with your admission plan. Immerse yourself in our spring water mud pool where you can slather your wet skin with fistfuls of California red clay. It’s blended into a silky soft paste with their own mineral water. Bake in the sun or in their warm ‘Wafa’ cave. Then simply wash off the dried mud when it becomes loose and flakey on your skin. Clay is a great skin exfoliation, known throughout history to draw out impurities from the body.

The Grotto

This is your skin’s softening, sensuous and subterranean journey, that’s so much fun! Descend to our secret cave and be painted neck-to-toe with a warm aloe vera, coconut oil, eucalyptus and lavender masque. Then warm your body in the gently heated cavern where this silky formula can soak further into your skin as your body heats up and your pores open. When you’re ready, step into the next room to rinse off under cascading water before moving into the final, cooler grotto to relax with tea, water and fruit.

You can take as much time as you like on this treatment. I recommend that if you can, make your reservation for this treatment at the end of your stay. We did it at 1 and it was amazing, but I wish that we did it towards the end, right before our massage, so I could just go home with my super soft and relaxed body.

Mineral Bath

Soak in 104 degree, geothermal waters. These sulfur-rich springs ease joint pain and soften the skin. The sulfur-rich odor coming from these pools is a necessary and natural exchange for the powerful healing effect these waters have on both the body and soul.

There is a lot to do in a day at Glen Ivy , they have 19 pools, saunas, fitness class, a massage, facial or nail care service, the Club Mud, a visit to the Grotto and lots of great food and drinks. Your admission includes the use of the 19 pools, saunas, classes and Club Mud. Massages, facials and nail care services are booked separately as is a trip to the Grotto.

If you forgot something or just enjoy shopping just like me, stop by SPA LIFESTYLE STORE  stocked with a specially curated range of resort wear and accessories for men and women, international spa and beauty brands, gifts, and their own, super cute and trendy Glen Ivy branded clothes and body products.

I am already planning my next getaway to Glen Ivy, this time with my husband, I saw many couples enjoying the spa and it looks like fun and a great bonding time, see you there…

Este articulo esta disponible en: Español

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