My High-Speed Train Journey from Paris to Spain


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My High-Speed Train Journey from Paris to Spain! is an adventure in itself, offering scenic views and a comfortable ride. Recently, I embarked on this journey, and here’s how it went:

Departure from Paris

My journey began at Gare Montparnasse, a major train station in Paris known for its efficiency and accessibility. I opted for a high-speed train to Hendaye, located on the French-Spanish border. The train ride was scheduled to last approximately 4.5 hours, costing me €91.95. Given that it was my first time on a fast train, I decided to splurge on a first-class ticket.

Booking and Preparation

I booked my ticket well in advance using the NS International app, which made the process seamless and convenient. The app allowed me to have all my travel information on hand, eliminating any last-minute stress. Although I arrived at the station an hour and a half early, arriving 30 minutes prior to departure is usually sufficient.

The Train Experience

Boarding the train, I was immediately impressed by the cleanliness and modernity of the carriage. First-class offered spacious seating, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing journey. The train was incredibly fast, making the hours fly by. Onboard, there were snacks available, which was a nice touch for a journey of this length.

Arrival at Hendaye

Upon reaching Hendaye, the transition to my next train was smooth. Hendaye is a small, charming town right at the border, making it a convenient transfer point for travelers heading into Spain.

The Final Leg: Hendaye to San Sebastian

The final leg of my journey was a short hop from Hendaye to San Sebastian. This part of the trip was surprisingly quick, taking only about 20 minutes and costing less than $5. Despite the brevity of the ride, it was efficient and comfortable, setting a positive tone for my arrival in Spain.

Tips for you, my Fellow Travelers

  1. Book in Advance: Reserving your tickets early can save you money and ensure you get the class of service you prefer.
  2. Use Travel Apps: Apps like NS International are incredibly handy for managing your reservations and travel details.
  3. Arrive Early: While 30 minutes before departure is generally sufficient, arriving earlier can give you peace of mind, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the station.
  4. Consider First Class: If it’s your first time on a high-speed train, consider first class for a more comfortable and spacious experience.
  5. Pack Snacks: Although snacks are available on board, bringing your own can ensure you have something you enjoy.

Traveling from Paris to Spain by train is a delightful experience, blending convenience with the chance to enjoy Europe’s scenic landscapes. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first high-speed train journey, this route offers a memorable and efficient way to travel between these two beautiful countries.

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