My shocking heritage DNA results.


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My shocking heritage DNA results.My shocking heritage DNA results. I was always very intrigued about my origin and my heritage and this year, in celebration of hispanic heritage month I wanted to give myself a gift, this time a very special one that allowed me to learn more about where I come from.

I went to MyHeritage DNA to do this important task. It is an easy cheek swab DNA test that reveals detailed ethnic origins. The DNA kit has a $69 value. Use my personal coupon code MHDAILYCURLZ to receive free shipping ($12 US value). They send you the kit to your specified address. A couple of weeks after taking the test, you’ll receive your results online and start your journey of discovery. This day is finally here and I want to share this important moment with you.

The process is really easy, you register your kit online and they keep you informed via e-mail of the process.  What?

42.0% South Europe
26.9% Iberian
5.4 % Italian
15.1% North and West Europe
15.1% Irish, Scottish, and Welsh

38.2% West Africa
26.4% Nigerian
12.0% West African
5.0% North African
5.0% East Africa
2.9% Kenyan
1.2% Somali
2.7% Central African

10.7 %Central America

9.1 % Middle East
9.1% Middle East

I am very surprised of my results, I mean I had an idea that I may have a very high percentage of Europe and Africa, but I am very surprised that I am only a 10.7 % of Central America.
The largest population of Central America, spanning from Mexico to Colombia and Venezuela, is of Mestizo descent – a mixture of Spanish, Native American, and African ancestry. Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, interestingly, have a greater Caucasian population, representing European migration. All this information and more you can also find it on your DNA results.  I just clicked on the ethnicity and the site provided me with a great explanation of it.

Another surprise is the 9.1 % from the middle East, but after reading more it about it, it actually makes sense and it made me think that possibly everyone has some resemblance. Middle Eastern people have emigrated across the globe with significant populations in Europe and the Americas. With its history stretching back to the earliest human settlements, the Middle East is known as the “Cradle of Civilization”. With traces of habitation from 9000 BC, Jericho is the earliest known walled city.

I couldn’t be more happy I did this test. If you know your country’s history you have a sense of your ethnicity but it is super cool to know the facts and percentages. Now, I can say loud and clear ” I am AfroLatina”.





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