Save Time, Create memories- Dine In Order Ahead / Aplicación mobil que te ahora Tiempo.

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and BJ’s Restaurants, but all my opinions are my own. #DineInOrderAhead #pmedia

save time, create memories is my kind of business, I really don’t mind to go to a restaurant and wait to be seated and served, in fact, I love that, for me that is all about going out, enjoying you meal and a drink but when you have kids, the whole eating out situation, changes. My daughters get very impatient and the waiting part of dinning out that I love, they hate, for this reason, I usually don’t go out to eat at the normal hours everybody else does, just to save myself the frustration of my kids saying every 2 seconds that they are hungry. when I found out about  BJ’s Restaurant Dine In Order Ahead new Mobile App, I was super excited, going to BJ’s after summer recitals has become a family tradition every summer, the only problem was that after long hours of recital, we still had to wait at Bj’s to be seated and being served (again, I love this, but my kids not so much lol) Bj’s Restaurant is really making it easy to enjoy the time with my family with less hassle!.. Let’s talk a little bit about BJ’s Mobile App, because it is so freaking amazing and easy you won’t believe it, I mean, I didn’t, when I got to the restaurant I wasn’t sure if I did it right because of how easy it was- silly me –natural_hair_on_the_go Photo Jun 18, 3 00 07 PM
The new BJ’s Mobile App is super duper easy to use -yeah I already told you so- but you  won’t believe it till you try it for yourself, and you arrive to Bj’s Restaurant like you are a celebrity, with everyone else waiting to be seated and you probably will be ahead of all of them, I don’t know about you, but I love me some celebrity treatments once in a while. To use the app you just have to download it here ◊ iPhone:  and Android: it’s totally free, you register, then you just have to add the number of in your party, drinks, foods and everything you want to add, submit your order and you’re all set. When you arrive at the Bj’s Restaurant you chose on the app, just go ahead and give your name to the host.  You can not only Order Ahead with the BJ’s Dine in Order Ahead App, but it also features a super quick Mobile Pay so you pay when you want without the need of waiting for the waitress..

Bj’s KID SPAGHETTI, Liah’s Favorite
The photographer dish (AKA Dafne) BBQ PULLED PORK SANDWISH...
The photographer dish (AKA Dafne) BBQ PULLED PORK SANDWISH…

If you dowload the application or if you already have, please let me know how you like it in the comment box below.


Esta compra ha sido compensada como parte de una campaña de mercadeo de comprador social para Pollinate Media Group® y BJ’s Restaurants, todas las opiniones y fotos son mias  #DineInOrderAhead #pmedia

Ahorrar tiempo y crear bonitos recuerdos es mi prioridad como cabeza de familia, si les soy franca, antes me encantaba el esperar en un restaurante a ser atendida, yo pienso que es lo lindo de comer fuera, pero cuando tienes niños, toda la logística de comer fuera tiene que ser modificada. Mis hijas se ponen super impaciente si no nos dan una mesa rápido y el mesero tarda un poco de mas, casi les da el mimisqui, por eso casi no me gusta salir a comer a las horas normales que todo el mundo sale, solo para evitarme la frustración. Cuando me enteré de la nueva aplicación  Dine In Order Ahead de Bj’s Restaurants, no lo podia creer, fue como si mis plegarias se hubiesen escuchado, lol el ir a Bj’s Restaurants luego de los shows de ballet de mis hijas se ha convertido en una tradición, pero el esperar a ser sentadas y servidas luego de largas horas en el teatro, no era muy del agrado de mis hijas. La nueva aplicación para el celular Dine In Order Ahead hace mas fácil disfrutar el tiempo con mi familia y con menos complicaciones! .. Bjs_mobile_pay

La aplicación para el celular es lo mas fácil del mundo, solo descarga la aplicación en tu mobil ◊ iPhone: Y Android:  te registras, pones el numero de comensales, agregas bebidas, comidas, postres etc y envías tu orden. Cuando llegues al Restaurant BJ’s que elegiste, solo le das tu nombre al host y listo. No importa quien ha llegado primero al restaurante, tu siempre tendrás preferencia, es como ser una estrella de cine, jejjeje, no se ustedes, pero que me traten como celebridad me encanta.

Si te animas a bajar la aplicación,o si ya la tienes, no dudes en comentarme tu experiencia en la caja de la descripción. 

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  1. I just wanted to check on an order for the Divacurl. I haven’t seen a charge on my bank account so I wasn’t sure if my order went through.

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