Things you need to know when traveling to Puerto Peñasco in Mexico

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Spring break came a little early to my house, where should we go? The decision was hard to make, but we knew that we wanted to go anywhere near by border city in Mexico. This time, we decided to drive a different route and a little bit farther. So we took a road trip to Puerto Peñasco, and this is everything you need to know when traveling to Puerto Peñasco in Mexico that I personally didn’t know.

We started our road trip from Los Angeles, via Mexicali and all the way by the Golfo of Santa Clara, for a total of almost 9 hours that could be less but you will be driving through some towns and narrow streets which make the trip a little slow. I don’t recommend taking this route at night because, to be honest with you, it was a little scary even during the day because it is very solitary and windy. You may experience sand storms along the way so keep your eyes on the road at all times.

We stopped in Mexicali for a quick bite. This place is famous for its Chinesse food, and we were excited to go to the famous restaurant, Pekin. Just make sure you get there before 2, because at this hour it’s lunch time in Mexicali and long lines is common at this restaurant. And of course Pekin duck is a must before heading to the desert.

The road trip to Puerto Peñasco is spectacular, a beautiful desert that will blow your mind.

Where to stay: 
We made the mistake on not doing much research and even though I don’t know the others well, I will give two recommendations.
The Mayan: this hotel is spectacular, but… it is far away from the city, if you want to drive 8-9 hours to stay in a hotel and not explore around, book this hotel. But if you want to really explore Puerto Peñasco, don’t. If you are doing a car service to the city, it will cost you around 50-60 dollars.
Puerto Peñasco del Sol: I stayed here, and this was horrible. The rooms are horrible, the attention is even worse. They treat the employees really bad. You can’t bring any food, coolers or drinks into your room or the hotel. The beach is public and you will have to go past a gate where you are pretty much on your own, the hotel won’t even let you take a towel there. The food is not that bad.

Do your research and read the reviews, I didn’t and that is how I ended up in this hotel that made our stay not so comfortable.

To Eat:
There are many places to eat in Puerto Peñasco, I must say that after going to many places in Mexico, I must say that I didn’t enjoy the food that much, mainly because I feel that almost all the menus were made to please the American Paladar and were not actual Mexican Food. Please keep in mind that we didn’t try all the restaurants in this magical place, but at least a good 10 of them. Again, do your research.  No pictures of food because none were worth a picture, sorry.

What to do:

Souvenir shopping
Relaxing at Rocky Point Beach
Kite Surfing adventures
Banana boat rides – fun for all ages!
Kayaking the Sea of Cortez
Explore the coast by Jet Ski or Wave Runner
Enjoy a full or half day of Rocky Point Fishing
Pinacate Volcano Tours. A whole day tour, but it is worth it. Beautiful scenario, amazing tour guide, spectacular views. Please prepare with sun block and hiking attire, specially long pants, yeah, I didn’t know this either. You will get to your hotel tired with maybe only time for a swim at the pool and a glass of wine. The tour includes lunch, snacks, and water so don’t worry about that. You will spend most of the time in the van, but you and your kids won’t be bored.

Things you need to know when traveling to Puerto Peñasco in Mexico

My Desert survival charger

Boat excursion to Bird Island. We couldn’t do this because our tour was canceled due to high winds, we were really sad, because we really wanted to do this.
Day trip to La Ostioneria (Oyster Farm). Another failure, we couldn’t eat any oysters due to “Marea Roja” which makes this delicacy, dangerous to eat.
Tequila Factory: Not really a factory, more like show room to me, but the attention of the owner is spectacular and you will be able to sample any tequila and liquors which makes it worth the visit plus amazing ceviche tostada, win-win.

Again, it is important that you know these things before heading to Puerto Peñasco. Overall, it was a fun experience that I recommend anyone to take as long as you do more research than I did. Have you ever been to Puerto Peñasco? What are your recommendations? Please let me know in the comment box down below.

Este articulo esta disponible en: Español

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