DIY Coconut citrus foot scrub / Exfoliante casero de coco de citricos

Diy_coconut_citrus_scrub coconut_foot_scrubSummer is almost gone, and yes, this is my favorite season of the year, but my skin and my hair suffers from so much fun, sun, salt and chlorine, and let’s not forget our feet, which are a part that we sometimes forget and have them exposed all summer long in those cute sandals and flip flops, leaving them dry.  Let’s not forget about our feet and make them a nice DIY coconut citrus scrub to make a smooth transition into fall.

citrus_coconut_diy_scrubYou will need:
1/2 cup of epsom salt: amazing exfoliant, relaxes your muscles, decreases inflammation by increasing the blood flow, great for skin. Read more benefits h ere.
1 tsp baking soda: ability to buff away dead skin cells, antibacterial and protects against bad odors.
2 tsp coconut oil: adding coconut oil to the baking soda and epsom salt will boost its effects. Soothe the skin, specially hard feet leaving it soft and helps tremendously with cracked feet.
A few drops of orange oil, which has a lot of healing properties like curing cracked and dry skin, anti-aging and strengthen sensitive skin.
1 lemon or orange zest: soften dry areas, smells delicious and gives this DIY scrub an extra boost of Vitamin c.

Mix all the ingredients in a mason jar and massage your feet with the mixture, I particularly like to leave it on for at least 5 minutes with a plastic bag on it, I find that the heat of the bag combined with the ingredients does wonder to my feet. You can also rub a drop of coconut oil to your feet after you rinse out the scrub if you like or add more to the scrub to a more oily consistency.DIY_foot_scrub



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  1. mencanta todo lo que haces y sigo tus consejo y me a ayudado mucho sigue adelante y que Dios te BENDIGA A TI Y A TU HIJA UN BESOTE SOY DE VENEZUELA CARACAS Y ME GUSTA EL ENFOLIANTE LO VOY HACER

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