Foods that dry out your hair

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You’ve heard a lot on what to eat for healthy and shinier hair, but not often do you hear about those foods that dry out your hair without you even knowing about it. You may be shocked to find some of your favorite foods on this list, but before you freak out, it is important to know that moderation is the key and these foods will dry out your hair only if you eat in excess.Foods that dry out your hair

  • Sushi. I don’t even want to write this, because I love sushi with a passion. Too much fish can cause your hair to dry out and cause hair loss because of its high content of mercury. Experts believe mercury disrupts protein development and interferes with zinc, wrecking the growth process.sushi
  • Candies. Sugar pretty much piles the blood, causing the insulin and androgens to rise, this binds the hair follicles causing the hair to fall and dry out.
  •  Vitamin A. believe it or not while vitamin A boosts the immune system, if you take an excess amount, it can dry your hair because it is actually toxic to the hair follicles. Carrots is a vegetable that contains a high content of vitamin A, the good news is that you will need a million carrots to damage your hair. The problem comes when some people take Vitamin A supplements causing an excess in this vitamin.
  • Juice cleanses. I love juices, I really do, but often when we have two or more juices a day, it usually means that we are cutting on other essential foods for healthy and shiny hair like protein.
  • Soft drinks. soft drinks are bad for your hair for so many reasons as it is for your health. As I mentioned previously, sugar causes your hair to dry and fall, and soft drinks have a ridiculous amount of sugar in it. Don’t think that going sugar free will help, because the chemicals used as a sugar substitute in Diet Coke and other diet foods and drink products have a list of side effects that include hair loss, dry hair among some other serious problems like brain tumors, birth defects, arthritis, bloating, depression, epilepsy etc.

The bottom line is that moderation is the key, If no matter what you do for your hair, you still have dry hair and or hair loss, pay attention to your foods and vitamins in your diet.

Este articulo esta disponible en: Español

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