My eyebrows are getting thinner

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brow-thinning Thinning eyebrows are a totally new concept to me. As I get older, I believe that I will be seeing my body in totally new ways and experimenting new changes. It’s nature! My eyebrows are getting thinner, and that is scary. I noticed this problem a while ago, but I didn’t pay much attention to it. My bad!

But since a few months ago I started to pay more attention. The first step is to find out why my eyebrows are getting thinner. The cause can vary or in my case I believe it is a combination of more than one.

This is my favorite way to groom my eyebrow because it lasts longer. But according to my research, I was over doing it and this may be the reason why my eyebrows are getting thinner. Not good.
It can take up to six weeks to regrow one eyebrow hair – So if you pull one by mistake, well, do the math.

2. Not enough nutrients.
The hair in your eyebrow works the same way as the hair on your head. If your diet is poor, your hair will reflect that. You will need a balanced diet and also some other nutrients to have strong hair and eyebrows. Consider including a supplement with iron and zinc to help the hair follicles to grow. Vitamin D may help activate hair growth.
Protein is needed for cell growth and repair. Omega-3 fatty acids have shown to hydrate damaged hair, Biotin (also known as Vitamin B7), and last but not least vitamin B12.

3. Age.
For ever young? yeah right. As we get older, our hair gets thinner and of course hair loss is more common, which includes our eyebrows. It is important to go easy on makeup, hydrate the eyebrow area and avoid stress (good luck with that)

4.- Other causes are medical conditions like Alopecia, hormone unbalance, dermatitis, and other medical causes.

Now I know what I was doing wrong, so I am sharing what I am doing right now, which is actually helping me a lot. I can see my eyebrow coming back fuller as they were before. But of course I need more time to have them all back. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you this information in case you are experiencing the same problem.all-you-need-to-have-perfect-brows

  • Benefits BROWVO! Conditioning Primer Nutrient-Rich Eyebrow. This nutrient-rich conditioning primer is formulated with keratin and soy proteins known to help brows look thicker, healthier & fuller. The clear, double-duty formula can be used as a primer to extend and enhance other brow products or worn alone to condition & smooth brows. The custom-designed soft-touch applicator tames and coats brows from root to tip.

I use it as a primer and also overnight to work its magic while I sleep! twist the pen once and wait for the gel to appear. Glide the custom applicator through brows to evenly coat from root to tip. Let the conditioning primer dry completely before applying brow makeup.

  • Second Chance supplement: Healthy Hair, Brows, Lashes & Nails $49.99.
    Second Chance Supplement
    This unique oral supplement was specifically formulated with founder Tonya Crooks and an esteemed team of scientists to boost hair, eyebrow, eyelash, and nail health. Combining technology with homeopathic remedies, Second Chance Supplement nourishes hair and nails internally where it really makes a difference. A blend of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and green tea extract support hair density and shine.
  • The Makeup. While I am working on regrowing my eyebrows, I am using the newest addition to my makeup bag. I am loving Tonya Crooks new line, The BrowGal, so much that it is not even funny. I am using the eyebrow pencil in the shade espresso – they have six unique custom-blended shades to perfectly match a wide variety of hair colors and emulate the look of real hair. In fact, these versatile tones easily allow anyone to find the perfect match for their hair color.
    I am also using the Eyebrow Gel, to hold the shape of my brow. The BrowGal Eyebrow Gel works with pencils and powders to seal and protect brows. As other gels that I have and used this one doesn’t leave my eyebrow super hard just the perfect and right amount of hold.

I am also using other products of her line and if you want to know them all and find your perfect match check her website HERE.estoy-perdiendo-mis-cejas

Este articulo esta disponible en: Español

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  1. You can also use Castro oil cold pressed. I have a small bottle of it with a syringe type applicator. It helps grow back hair for eyelashes and eyebrows. Just thought I’d share this with you. I’m going to have to try supplements. Thanks to the 90’s my eyebrows are thin. It’s annoying. Also, I’m in my late thirties so I’m sure that doesn’t help.

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