The best new year’s resolution you can make right now

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kayaking-benefit-for-health how-to-be-healthy-this-new-year kayak-places-in-california como-lograr-la-meta-de-bajar-de-pesoKayak benefits to a healthy new you, it’s the best new year’s resolution you can make right now. I feel in love with kayaking a few years ago when I lived in my beautiful island Domincian Republic. Moving to the United States I only enjoyed this activity when I was back in my home country.
But I was wrong. You can enjoy many kayaking destinations in California and pretty much all over the United States.
Kayaking in a river/lake is quite different than doing it on the sea,but is it as beneficial for you and your entire familly.
Kayaking is amazing and you can pretty much learn the basics in a day or so. Of course you can become a pro and perfect those skills if you wish. Kayaking seems to be a hobby, and it probably is but, it also has a lot health benefits.
Kayaking is fun, relaxing, you can enjoy it solo, with a partner or bring your kids alone.

If you tend to gain weight because of stress, kayaking, or paddling is just for you. You won’t find any better way to lose weight and release stress. Imagine yourself spending hours under the sky in a peaceful lake looking at mother nature at its best. If your level of stress is down, you will also have a better skin and hair.

To go 5 mph in a kayak you will need 0.1 hp of effort. That’s 400 calories per hour.

When you do Kayaking, you work your chest, stomach, arms, and back, which means a total body workout.
Kids also love Kayaking or any related sport like peddaling. Working out as a family creates a special bonding, it is fun and it is the perfect way to escape from the modern world.

beneficios-de-hacer-kayakbenefits-of-kayak-and-padding easy-way-to-get-heathy-as-a-family

Este articulo esta disponible en: Español

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