How to Fix natural Hair Winter problems |Cuidado del cabello rizado durante el Invierno

Oh winter, cold days, longer nights, and bad hair days!!! No other season makes my hair more unmanageable than the winter season. Seriously, all I want to is to have it up in a bun until spring or summer comes, can I do that? I could, but there is not fun in having the same hair style for months, or maybe I just like to have my big hair out even when the weather is not cooperating. I have so many natural hair problems during winter that it’s not even funny and here is how I fix it- or try-winter hair problem

  • Dry hair: The problem with dry hair is that it can lead to a more serious problem like split ends and breakage, which can pretty much drain your dream of longer and healthier hair. The Fix: natural oils chicas, try applying a natural oil like coconut oil form roots to ends and leave it on for about 30 minutes before washing your hair.
  • Hat hair: wearing a hat on top of our curly hair can lead to a disaster; breakage, frizz, knots, etc, etc.. The Fix: use a satin bonnet under your favorite winter hat, cap or beanie. If you do your research right you can even find some with a satin linen inside to avoid the terrible hat hair problems.hat hair and how fix it
  • Frizzy hair: flyaway hair, static, call it how you like, all I know is that us curly girls hate it and are constantly looking for ways to avoid it or minize it. The Fix: try hydrating products and soothing products, not only when you are styling your hair, but pretty much everyday.
  • Itchy scalp: Am I getting dandruff now? well. not quite, as the weather gets cold, the moisture in the air diminishes, your scalp gets dry and therefor, itchy and flaky, please try not to scratch it, it only gets worse. The Fix: keep your scalp moisturized, natural oils like tea tree works wonders for me, as well as natural scalp scrubs like this one
  • Tangled hair: this is the one winter problem I suffer with the most, for some reason my hair just doesn’t want to be detangled, once I put water on it, it becomes a ball of hair that takes me hours to detangle. The Fix: sometimes the fix is pretty simple, “change your detangling conditioner” no joke, I have to use a looser, but more hydrating conditioner to be able to detangle my hair in the shower. 2.- weekly deep treatments seems to help tremendously during this process as well, even though I usually do deep treatments after my hair is detangled. During winter months, I have to do deep treatment first for at least 30 minutes before detangling my hair. This change of routine works, simply because my hair is moisturized and hydrated when I start detangling it. And last but not least, my hair does not like protein treatments during winter, I know every hair is different, but if you are having this problem, just pay attention on what you are putting into your hair and if possible keep a record to know what works for you or not…No more dry curls

So here are the most common winter hair problems and how to fix it, I want to hear from you now. Do you have these problems? How do you fix it? Let’s keep the #curlTalk going……


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3 Dating tips for Natural Girls / 3 consejos para una cita exitosa

Photo:Stephanie Ballena (dancer) @dancerlegs
Photo:Stephanie Ballena (dancer) @dancerlegs

Dating while natural or going natural can be a little stressful for some women, after all a successful date night is based on confidence , and that is exactly what we don’t have at the beginning of the going natural journey. So I talked with a few of my natural hair friends and we all agreed that these 3 tips are the key to a very successful and stress free date night.

1.-BeYou, DoY0u .
You all know that I am all about the versatility of natural hair, but really, you want a partner that likes you and wants you just the way you are, so don’t wear a wig just to make him like you. If you did the big chop, it will take a while for that hair to grow, so he better get used to the idea that you are fearless and natural. In my opinion, if a guy doesn’t like natural hair, he’s not a guy you should date. If a guy prefers a straight haired girl, your are not the one for him either. Be yourself from the very beginning and if he likes it, fine, if not, it’s his lost,  it’s just not worth it to be someone else for anyone.

2.-Be confident, You are worth it!!
It’s not about if he accepts you, it’s all the way around. Does he have the qualities that you value and like?, How does he make you feel? Have fun and be playful, at least you’re going to have fun–and you’ll always come out a winner.

3.- Focus on your whole look.
It is not fair to rely only on your hair, we women are a whole cake and our hair is just the icing. Do a captivating makeup focusing on your eyes: enhance your lashes, groom your eyebrows and brush through with a clean mascara wand to soften and add a highlighter underneath each brow. Exfoliate your lips with a DIY sugar Olive oil scrub for kissable lips.

What’s your go-to tip for date night? 


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