Curly Girl have more fun!!!!

Stephanie Ballena(dancer)
They say that Blonde Girls have more fun, Cinderella is blonde even Barbie has platinum hair a and blue eyes, but we are no doll or Cartoon, not some Hollywood mega production, we are CURLY GIRLS, real woman that chose to spend their time and money in more healthy and constructive matters  than Perm, relaxer and  chemicals.  For Some girls decisions may have been easier than others but make no mistake about it, many, many, many women agonize over their decision to stop slapping lye on their heads every six weeks to keep their hair straight. And with this, in many instances, these black women are ending a life long routine of conforming to a European standard of beauty that says straight hair is the epitome of beauty.

We are free, we are natural and we do have more fun, why? real curly girls say why:
  • we can just “let it all hang” without worrying about sweating out our edges!!! Remember the days of not wanting to be outside too long for fear that your hair may frizz out? or making excuses to not work out for fear of sweating out your perm? or… don’t let it begin sprinkling… you’d break you ankle trying to run under some shelter before any drop of moisture messed up your straight strands!!! I only miss it when I see Beyonce whip it back and forth effortlessly without one strand being frizzy, tangled, or out of place… then I snap back into reality and keep reminding myself that a) most of that hair is NOT hers and b) she’s got a team of stylists that can hook up her hair EVERYDAY! So yeah… I don’t have the time NOR the money to fuss over maintaining my hair straight!!! (RG)
  • Ahh yea! Because we are uninhabited. We can get wet in the rain, swim in the ocean and still look great!(TP)
  • Straight never lasts by nature we are kinky. I’m happy I’m transitioning. Bye bye shower cap. That was the annoying part of relaxers being afraid to get( your hair wet (KM)
  • I dunno if I like having so many people obsessed with my curls when I go put in public. Oh wait yes I do!!!’ we rock and yes we do have more fun!(JO)
  • Never been sexier, sassy and in shape as I am now, my confidence is way hight up there, lol.
  •  because we stand out in public by having a more defined creative look (DP)
  • Definitely More Fun!

    We can dance in the rain without singing Ooohh My Haaaaiiirr! 🙂
    I dont mind my hair being played with as much now…or pulled HA! (let me behave)
    Cute n Curly Demands Shoppin For Cute n Sexy Clothes…You cant tell me NOTHIN when I go shoppin now cuz I Am NOT Savin It For The Beauty Shop(Amen)
    I Agree,the attention is crazy smtimes lol.
    More Fun Indeed!(KT)

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2 thoughts on “Curly Girl have more fun!!!!

  1. This is an absolutely FUN post. Love that pic!!! It says it all. I’m having more fun just being me.

    Had to shed the dead weight of 2 phony friends who refused stop ragging me about my newfound love for my curls. Now I feel free to let the real me shine through in everything I do.

    Whoever comes into my life now will only be those who truly appreciate the real me. curls, kinks and all 😀

  2. I love the pic too! I am totally with you on saying goodbye to the shower cap. Well that is until I decide to straighten my hair for a day 🙂


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