Our Perfect spring Dresses | Vestidos Perfectos para la Pascua

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Kohl’s and Latina Bloggers Connect. The opinions and texts are all mine.Our Perfect spring Dresses

I can’t believe how early Easter is this year. I know I may say this every year, but this year almost caught me off guard. I was on a mission to find our perfect Easter dresses, I remember the time when I was able to buy “whatever” for my daughters and they were happy, but they are teens and they have their own different tastes and styles which is making shopping for clothes a lot difficult. The stores I like, they call vieja stores, meaning that there is nothing for them, but some of the stores that they want to buy from are not appropriate for their age: transparency, too short, showing a lot of skin, and such. Also on my agenda was putting together the Easter baskets, which I always like to keep it simple: bubbles, candy eggs, Reese’s, Peeps, toys, coloring books etc. When I told my daughters that we had to go shopping for spring and easter they weren’t too excited, until I told them we were going to Kohl’s. Kohl’s is one of the only stores that we find outfits that fit all our individual styles plus all the easter décor, tabletop, seasonal table linens and of course all the goodies for the easter baskets like candy and toys. Kohl’s, is our natural destination to plan and celebrate las Pascuas (Easter). easter dresses

Liah is wearing a beautiful Lily Rose dress
Dafne is wearing a SO dress.
I’m wearing an LC Lauren Conrad dress and candie’s shoes.
If you manage to go shopping with your daughters and stick to a list, please give me your tips, because I went to Kohl’s to buy our perfect spring dresses and ended up with 6 t-shirt,  2 pair of shoes, 2 sunglasses, a swimsuit, a PJ, and 6 items from the clearance section, because who can resist a sale? not me. But I can’t complain because my princesses are super happy with their finds, and in one stop I was done with all my easter/ spring shopping.

beutiful spring dresses


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Motivation Through Fashion |Moda Con Proposito

meaninful fashion fearless

Last weekend I got dressed, looked in the mirror and left home feeling that I could conquer the world. I walked into an event and one person, said a comment about my appearance that totally put me down and pretty much ruined my whole day. At the end of the day, when I was in bed, I thought a lot about this comment and even though I am a strong, powerful woman, that ONE WORD put me down. Words are not just part of speech or writing, words can affect a person’s energy, and we have to use them wisely. The word that come out of your mouth can transform someone’s life for good or for worse. Use them wisely, this is the first step to change the world and sparkle positivity around you, and remember that what comes around goes around.

When I learned about The Word Changes , I immediately felt the connection with the way I live my life and the way I am raising my daughters. I try to be positive every time I emit a comment about someone’s appearance or work, because words are powerful and they are magical. A single WORD is powerful. It can provoke thought. It can change the direction of your life. And that WORD, that oneWORD can transform over time, it can take on a new meaning, as you live life that WORD can change. The word changes seeks to inspire, to ignite change, to bring clarity, to reveal purpose, and to bring you to that AHA moment! they believe WORDs are the vehicle for this. WORDS affect us, they explain our past, our present, and our future.

They offer encouraging, thought provoking products such as t-shirts, mugs, and greeting cards. To learn more about this amazing initiative to motivate through fashion click HEREpositive quotes


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Spring Looks For Less |Outfits para la primavera

Burlington Stores sponsored this blog post. The opinions and texts are all mine.hello Spring

When I was living in Dominican Republic I used to always love watching the seasons change in other parts of the world – If you didn’t know, in Dominican Republic it’s summer all year round- the beautiful colors and people wearing different outfits was just fascinating to me. When I got to the US, I was completely lost. I was the one girl that had to rush into a store to buy a sweater because I couldn’t handle the cold or better said, I didn’t quite understand the concept and reality of going from 80 degrees at 2PM and 50 at 8Pm.

I learned my lesson and I now know better to carry a cardigan or a sweater with me at all times, I also learned how to transition my closet from one season to another without breaking the bank. I follow the latest trends and fit them into my personal style and taste and most importantly, into my budget. With spring around the corner I went to Burlington to pick some pieces to mix and match with others that I already have, and pieces that I can easily transition into summer with minimum changes and without adding to my expenses. Burlington has the latest 2016 ladies spring fashions, such as pastel colors, lace, florals, boho, nautical, and black and white at affordable every day low prices, and I want to share my amazing findings with you. Spring fashion maxi dress

Ok, seriously, how cute is this dress? This dress is a great piece to have in your closet because you can style it for the chilly temperature by layering on a sweater, cardigan, scarf, or a jean jacket. And if you are crafty enough you can also wear it like a midi skirt. Dress $16.99 -White sandals $14.99 -Dream Catcher necklace $5.99 (hat and jacket from my closet) at your nearby Burlington store or at Spring calls for colors and you can pretty much transition any piece on your closet by adding a spring palette into your look  and of course with accessories like rings, bags, shoes or a piece of your outfit to make it stand out.

natural hair sprint outfitsSpring Looks For LessThese high waisted capri jeans is everything, super comfy, affordable, and allows me to use crop tops without showing my belly (because, well.. I don’t wanna show my belly ), only $16.99 – Floral top $4.99 – accessory set (rings and necklace) $7.99 -rings $5.99  (sandals and blazer from my closet) Find your spring styles at your nearby Burlington or at burlingtonstores.com

By now, you must all be excited about breaking up with winter right? have fun adding some color into your outfit, letting those feet out and showing a little more skin, but keep in mind that Mother Nature may bring a few more cold days (or nights) before it’s completely summer, so don’t be that one unprepared girl freezing cold because she forgot her layers. If you hit those great trends and fashionable merchandise that Burlington has to offer at up to 65% off department store prices every day, don’t forget to tag me in your finds in any of social media @dailycurlz #burlingtonstyle


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Jack of the Red Heart-Movie Review |Sensivilidad y emotividad en Jack Of The Red Heart -pelicula

“This is a sponsored blog; while the views expressed here were genuinely mine, consideration was paid to me to review this film” Pelicula jack of the red heart

Last Thursday I saw the screening of Jack Of The Red Heart, a rare drama that shows details with respect and sensitivity to the experience of coping with autism.
Jack Of The Red Heart
Synopsis: A streetwise teenage runaway is on the lam from her Probation Officer. Her name is Jacquelyn (18) but if you call her anything but JACK, she’ll cut you. Needing to lay low and earn money so she can rescue her younger sister COKE (11) from Foster care, Jack cons her way into a suburban home as the live-in helper for the family’s autistic daughter, GLORY (11). Much to her surprise, Jack has a unique ability to connect with the nonverbal little girl. As she positively impacts Glory, the family begins to affect Jack, particularly KAY, Glory’s mother. As these two scrappy survivors find an affinity with each other, Kay finds in Jack a daughter she can talk to. When romantic sparks fly between Jack and ROBERT (17), Glory’s brother, we see a group of wounded people poignantly begin to heal each other—just a little bit. But the law catches up, the truth comes out, and Jack is forced to make a choice—to save her own hide, or help someone else.

Rating: PG (for thematic elements including teen behavior, language and smoking)
Genre: Drama
Directed By: Janet Grillo
Written By: Jennifer Deaton
In Theaters: Feb 26, 2016 (In select theatres)
Runtime: 1 hr. 40 min.
Jack Of The Red Heart is a sensitive, well done movie, that not only touches base on teen behavior, but the experience of coping with autism. I particularly loved that the film doesn’t sugarcoat the work and challenge that a family with disability kids faces and the tremendous love and hard work that they put into an everyday matter. The movie turns at the end into one of those feel-good and everything will be alright movies that most people like, and even though it’s not my ideal of an ending Jack Of The Red Heart will leave you with a sparkle of hope, thinking that everything is possible.

Jack of The Red Heart is a Jury winner a the Bentonville Film Festivals Founded by Academy Award Winner® Geena Davis and festival co-founder Trevor Drinkwater in 2015, BFF’s mission is to champion women and diverse voices in media. BFF is a research based and commercial focused platform that proactively supports diverse storytellers. BFF features the only film competition in the world that offers guaranteed distribution to it’s winning films to include a theatrical release in partnership with AMC theaters, television in partnership with STARZ, LIFETIME, and digital and retail home entertainment distribution in partnership with Walmart. The Festival takes place each year in early May in Bentonville, Arkansas. The May event is designed to inspire action and to bring together decision makers and content creators with the goal of ensuring media representing the world we live in which is 51% women and very diverse. BFF strives to work with content creators to inspire young minds because if they can see it they can be it.

The Screening took place at youtube space in a beautiful and hot day in LA, which is the reason why I opt to style my hair in a high bun.  Here is my outfit of choice: Skirt- Irish Jean, Blouse-Local boutique, Hoops -Burlington, Bag-DKNY, Shoes- Anne Michell.

faldas de mezclilla



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