Ancient Africa favorite oil/ el aceite favorito de nuestros ancestros.

deset_date_oilLast weekend at expo west I came across Desert date oil also know as Balanite oil, but this oil is well know in Ancient Africa which they treasure like GOLD. Desert Date Oil, one of the earliest used beauty oils in ancient Africa, has an amazing ability to regenerate and replenish aging skin, cuts and scarring. The wealthy of ancient Egypt relished this precious oil using it to replenish skin parched by the desert sun and wind, regenerate skin due to burns and cuts, reduce scarring, and to even strengthen hair.

The desert date tree grows in harsh climates and desert soils where little else grows providing amazing relief in form of both skin protection and nourishment. Desert Date Oil Benefits include:

Used in the treatment of rheumatism
Regenerate and replenish aging skin
Regenerate skin due to burns and cuts
Reduce scarring
Srengthen hair
Relieves aches and pains
Treats skin problems
Can be use as facial serum
Excellent to seal hair after washed and conditioned
Great as a scalp treatment.


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