How Probiotic can improve your health and Hair/ Los probioticos para la salud y el pelo

Adding healthy bacteria or probiotics into your diet is very important, they help immune cells fight disease, prevent diarrhea, constipation, protect the mucous lining of the intestine, assist digestion and provide nutrients for building blood. They also manufacture B vitamins and vitamin K right down inside of your intestines where they are immediately absorbed.  Probiotics … Read more

Green, curly, healthy Kale/ Col Rizada y tus rizos

I most admit that I recently discover/taste the Kale, and right away I went on line to learn about its properties. Kale is usually mistaken for a vegetable, but its actually a leaf a curly leaf rich in vitamins, minerals and iron. Supposedly the iron found in Kale helps the body by carrying oxygen to all of the body’s tissues. … Read more

The Red Project; Healthy hair from the inside out. /Projecto Rojo; Cabello saludable de adentro hacia afuera

I always had certain hate for some red fruits, specially in juices. My mom used to do a mix of Beet root, carrot and orange juice and sometimes with oat meal. You can find this kind of juices at street vendors all over Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, drank usually by laborers to go throughout hard … Read more

Nuts for Curls / Semillas y granos para un cabello saludable.

Part of my healthy, natural life is including new food to my diet and of course everything I eat I do a research in how it benefits my health and hair growth. Nuts are my favorite snack, because they are easy to carry, light weight and are powerfood that keep me full between meals and … Read more

Welcome Almond Milk into my beauty regimen / Bienvenida leche de almendras a mi regimen de belleza

I ain’t gonna lie I didn’t know about almond milk, I didn’t know you can make milk out of almonds, well not you (maybe) but buy almond milk. But thanks to my Pinterest boards I learned about it and how good it is for my overall health. I don’t really like milk, so it took … Read more

AVOCADO: Eat it, Rub it, Apply it./ AGUACATE: Comelo, Untalo, Aplicalo.

Pict. from Avocado lovers board  Yes, I am a Avocado lover, and in this post I will share with you three recipes, so get your self a large avocado and don’t throw away that pit yet.☺ Eat it… Green Salad Inspired by Adriana best recipe  Ingredients  1 bag of field greens or spring mix 1 … Read more

Tomatoes for long healthy hair / Los tomates y tu cabello

I am a product junkie, But I also like to experiment with the ingredients that mother nature has to offer. I cook 3 times a day anyway, so it is very easy for me to experiment with natural ingredients. While I was doing a tomato salad, something came to my mind: are Tomatoes good for … Read more

Quinoa for healthy hair. / Quinoa para una vida saludable =Cabello saludable

I am always looking for healthy options for me and my family, and this is a really tough job, because we all know that men and children are not always open to the unknown, lol. But I manage to have them eat my “creations” how they call it 🙂 I came across Quinoa on a … Read more

Keep your body fit and your hair healthy with Chia Seed. /Semila de Chia para mantenerte en forma y un crecer un cabello saludable

Right after I stopped chemical relaxing my hair, my first stop was the vitamin shoppe. At that time they were the only ones carrying some natural hair products in my neighborhood , before sally’s and Walmart; I went there to buy some vitamin and fitness supplement since I was a few pounds up, lol. Shopping … Read more