Green, curly, healthy Kale/ Col Rizada y tus rizos

I most admit that I recently discover/taste the Kale, and right away I went on line to learn about its properties. Kale is usually mistaken for a vegetable, but its actually a leaf a curly leaf rich in vitamins, minerals and iron. Supposedly the iron found in Kale helps the body by carrying oxygen to all of the body’s tissues. … Read more

The Red Project; Healthy hair from the inside out. /Projecto Rojo; Cabello saludable de adentro hacia afuera

I always had certain hate for some red fruits, specially in juices. My mom used to do a mix of Beet root, carrot and orange juice and sometimes with oat meal. You can find this kind of juices at street vendors all over Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, drank usually by laborers to go throughout hard … Read more

Can Beer Wash Out a Relaxer? Beer hair Recipes / Puede la cerveza sacar el alisado del cabello? Recetas a base de cerveza

When I was a child I used to live in a very particular house, if I could  call it that way; there were 3 little houses in a row and we had to share the same patio and the same restroom and ohh boy the things you see when 3 Caribbean families share the same … Read more

Tomatoes for long healthy hair / Los tomates y tu cabello

I am a product junkie, But I also like to experiment with the ingredients that mother nature has to offer. I cook 3 times a day anyway, so it is very easy for me to experiment with natural ingredients. While I was doing a tomato salad, something came to my mind: are Tomatoes good for … Read more

Soybean Oil Based Healthy Curl Friendly Recipes //Recetas saludables, beneficiosas para el cabello a base de aceite de Soja.

You already know the benefits of Soybean oil for your hair and over all health, right? no? read this post first  Soybean oil has several better-for-you health benefits that make it the perfect choice for family cooking:Contains 0g trans fats per serving. Serves as a principal source of omega-3s which can help reduce blood pressure … Read more