Can Beer Wash Out a Relaxer? Beer hair Recipes / Puede la cerveza sacar el alisado del cabello? Recetas a base de cerveza

When I was a child I used to live in a very particular house, if I could ¬†call it that way; there were 3 little houses in a row and we had to share the same patio and the same restroom and ohh boy the things you see when 3 Caribbean families share the same … Read more

Tomatoes for long healthy hair / Los tomates y tu cabello

I am a product junkie, But I also like to experiment with the ingredients that mother nature has to offer. I cook 3 times a day anyway, so it is very easy for me to experiment with natural ingredients. While I was doing a tomato salad, something came to my mind: are Tomatoes good for … Read more

Say bye bye to Split ends "DIY mask" / Dile adios con a las puntas abiertas..

Say Adios to those split ends with this easy, Three ingredients Home made hair mask. Mix egg yolk with 3 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil and 1 tbsp honey (double or triple these ingredients according to your hair length)Gently massage this mask into your hair, You can cover with a plastic shower cap, but I … Read more