Oily Sweet Hair Mask / Dulce y Aceitosa mascarilla para el cabello

This is one of the easiest and more nourished conditioners ever,  I always apply my natural hair mask and conditioners on dry hair before shampoo, what we call Pre-poo. Ingredients: Coconut oil:  coconut oil nourishes dry and brittle hair, encourages healthy hair growth, prevents hair loss, promotes a healthy scalp, and relieves dandruff. It provides the essential … Read more

Spring curls ready DIY hair mask / Preparando nuestros rizos para la primavera ; hecho en casa.

In Spring, there’s a transition from the dryness of winter to the moisture from the rain and the impending humidity of the summer. I would back down from the heavier conditioners using lighter ones. Begin to protect the hair from the increased expose to the sun. Keep the cuticle sealed, so it won’t absorb the … Read more

Can Beer Wash Out a Relaxer? Beer hair Recipes / Puede la cerveza sacar el alisado del cabello? Recetas a base de cerveza

When I was a child I used to live in a very particular house, if I could  call it that way; there were 3 little houses in a row and we had to share the same patio and the same restroom and ohh boy the things you see when 3 Caribbean families share the same … Read more