Natural DIY Hair Color Refreshers / Revive el color de tu cabello naturalmente

Commercial hair dye products can be quite harsh. The chemicals used to change the hair color can cause it to become dry and brittle, especially if your hair is curly and you use it constantly.  For me a natural option is definitely more attractive, because I don’t have to worry about damaging my hair. You … Read more

Beauty tips, because sharing is caring / Unos trucos de belleza digno de compartir

I love these tips, some of them I already do and the rest are on my to try list, specially the blue mascara… 1. Scent your hair with perfume Spray a light shot of fragrance into your water mist. Spray it on your hair  and your hair will smell amazing throughout the day. 2.Fuller lips.  … Read more

Spring curls ready DIY hair mask / Preparando nuestros rizos para la primavera ; hecho en casa.

In Spring, there’s a transition from the dryness of winter to the moisture from the rain and the impending humidity of the summer. I would back down from the heavier conditioners using lighter ones. Begin to protect the hair from the increased expose to the sun. Keep the cuticle sealed, so it won’t absorb the … Read more