Spring curls ready DIY hair mask / Preparando nuestros rizos para la primavera ; hecho en casa.

In Spring, there’s a transition from the dryness of winter to the moisture from the rain and the impending humidity of the summer. I would back down from the heavier conditioners using lighter ones. Begin to protect the hair from the increased expose to the sun. Keep the cuticle sealed, so it won’t absorb the … Read more

AVOCADO: Eat it, Rub it, Apply it./ AGUACATE: Comelo, Untalo, Aplicalo.

Pict. from Avocado lovers board  Yes, I am a Avocado lover, and in this post I will share with you three recipes, so get your self a large avocado and don’t throw away that pit yet.☺ Eat it… Green Salad Inspired by Adriana best recipe  Ingredients  1 bag of field greens or spring mix 1 … Read more