Beauty tips, because sharing is caring / Unos trucos de belleza digno de compartir

I love these tips, some of them I already do and the rest are on my to try list, specially the blue mascara… 1. Scent your hair with perfume Spray a light shot of fragrance into your water mist. Spray it on your hair  and your hair will smell amazing throughout the day. 2.Fuller lips.  … Read more

AVOCADO: Eat it, Rub it, Apply it./ AGUACATE: Comelo, Untalo, Aplicalo.

Pict. from Avocado lovers board  Yes, I am a Avocado lover, and in this post I will share with you three recipes, so get your self a large avocado and don’t throw away that pit yet.☺ Eat it… Green Salad Inspired by Adriana best recipe  Ingredients  1 bag of field greens or spring mix 1 … Read more