My New Henna Mix/ Mi nueva Mezcla para La Henna

Hola Bellas, its Henna time again and last time I tried a mix that I really, really liked.. Here are the ingredients and some recommendations!! Henna mix  Allow 6+ hours to release their color. Do not add any thing to the henna powder before it releases its color (just strong coffee, and Lemon/vinegar) Add a … Read more

Nuts for Curls / Semillas y granos para un cabello saludable.

Part of my healthy, natural life is including new food to my diet and of course everything I eat I do a research in how it benefits my health and hair growth. Nuts are my favorite snack, because they are easy to carry, light weight and are powerfood that keep me full between meals and … Read more

Welcome Almond Milk into my beauty regimen / Bienvenida leche de almendras a mi regimen de belleza

I ain’t gonna lie I didn’t know about almond milk, I didn’t know you can make milk out of almonds, well not you (maybe) but buy almond milk. But thanks to my Pinterest boards I learned about it and how good it is for my overall health. I don’t really like milk, so it took … Read more

Can Beer Wash Out a Relaxer? Beer hair Recipes / Puede la cerveza sacar el alisado del cabello? Recetas a base de cerveza

When I was a child I used to live in a very particular house, if I could  call it that way; there were 3 little houses in a row and we had to share the same patio and the same restroom and ohh boy the things you see when 3 Caribbean families share the same … Read more

Quinoa for healthy hair. / Quinoa para una vida saludable =Cabello saludable

I am always looking for healthy options for me and my family, and this is a really tough job, because we all know that men and children are not always open to the unknown, lol. But I manage to have them eat my “creations” how they call it 🙂 I came across Quinoa on a … Read more

Soybean oil and Healthy hair #soyparasoy, Holiday Recipe and Walmart gift card BONUS// El aceite de Soya para un cabello saludable, Receta y concurs.

 I didn’t know much about soybean oil myself, so I had a one on one reading with my friend google. What is soybean? it is healthy? Will my hair benefit from it?  It is good for my health?  Soybean oil for your hair. Soybean oil is used to cook with, but it can also be … Read more