Beauty tips, because sharing is caring / Unos trucos de belleza digno de compartir

I love these tips, some of them I already do and the rest are on my to try list, specially the blue mascara… 1. Scent your hair with perfume Spray a light shot of fragrance into your water mist. Spray it on your hair  and your hair will smell amazing throughout the day. 2.Fuller lips.  … Read more

Can Beer Wash Out a Relaxer? Beer hair Recipes / Puede la cerveza sacar el alisado del cabello? Recetas a base de cerveza

When I was a child I used to live in a very particular house, if I could  call it that way; there were 3 little houses in a row and we had to share the same patio and the same restroom and ohh boy the things you see when 3 Caribbean families share the same … Read more

Summer legs ready with a DIY moisturizing shaving cream / piernas bellas en el verano con esta crema para afeitar humectacte casera.

This is the perfect idea to put to work those hair products that we anxiously got and now we don’t like them… Try this homemade shaving cream to get rid of all those hair products that you don’t use anymore. Ingredients :1 cup of Conditioner1 cup of shampoo5 table spoons of Lotion5 Table spoons of … Read more