Soybean Oil Based Healthy Curl Friendly Recipes //Recetas saludables, beneficiosas para el cabello a base de aceite de Soja.

You already know the benefits of Soybean oil for your hair and over all health, right? no? read this post first  Soybean oil has several better-for-you health benefits that make it the perfect choice for family cooking:Contains 0g trans fats per serving. Serves as a principal source of omega-3s which can help reduce blood pressure … Read more

Keep your body fit and your hair healthy with Chia Seed. /Semila de Chia para mantenerte en forma y un crecer un cabello saludable

Right after I stopped chemical relaxing my hair, my first stop was the vitamin shoppe. At that time they were the only ones carrying some natural hair products in my neighborhood , before sally’s and Walmart; I went there to buy some vitamin and fitness supplement since I was a few pounds up, lol. Shopping … Read more