Let get this clear / Vamos a aclarar esto.

This post is sponsored by Dove® ClearTone™ Deodorant – designed to visibly reduce underarm dark marks and even skin tone. Hello Hermosas, Remember a post I did a while ago about ingrown hair? no? here is the link to refresh your memories. I was doing everything to avoid ingrown hair and  dark  underarm, but I was missing something very important: a … Read more

Spinach and hair growth, beauty inside out/ las espinacas y el crecimiento del cabello, belleza de afuera hacia adentro..

Some topical hair products may stimulate hair growth, but if you really want long, healthy, shinny hair start from your inside. Hair grows from hair follicles beneath the skin. An oily gland called the sebaceous gland secretes sebum, an oily substance that naturally conditions your hair, into the hair follicle. The hair shaft, the part … Read more

Fruits That Promotes Hair Growth. 3 smoothies Recipes bonus/ Frutas que promueven el crecimiento del cabello sano y tres recetas deliciosas

Some fruits can promote healthy, longer hair naturally here are the ones you should look for.. fruits with Vitamin A Vitamin A is essential in promoting healthy hair growth and overall maintenance. It can also decrease hair loss while contributing to strength, shine and luster. Individuals deficient in this vital vitamin generally have dull hair, … Read more

Water, hair moisturizer from inside out/ El Agua y tus rizos

Pict. from google image  Want beautiful long hair? Start with your diet, water, water and more water Every day our body performs a number of processes in which water is lost, so the skin and the hair tends to dry out, also reduces the moisture from our bodies need to function well. A balanced intake … Read more