My Journey Back to Natural Hair By: Alicia Gibbs/ Mi regreso al cabello afro.

I don’t have many photos anymore but from what I remember and from what I was told I was born with the most beautiful soft curls. I had curly hair up until about five years old when my aunt, my mother’s younger sister had a brilliant idea “hey what do I do with this extra … Read more

Fruits That Promotes Hair Growth. 3 smoothies Recipes bonus/ Frutas que promueven el crecimiento del cabello sano y tres recetas deliciosas

Some fruits can promote healthy, longer hair naturally here are the ones you should look for.. fruits with Vitamin A Vitamin A is essential in promoting healthy hair growth and overall maintenance. It can also decrease hair loss while contributing to strength, shine and luster. Individuals deficient in this vital vitamin generally have dull hair, … Read more

Two year Natural and one regret/ Dos años natural y solo un arrepentimiento.

This has been an amazing year full of opportunities, but most of all, the affirmation one more time that I took the right decision on August 2009 when I said “this is my last relaxer”. you  may all know by now, but for those who don’t I did the big chop on May 17, 2010 all by myself, alone in my house and … Read more

Is natural hair formal/dressy.?/ Es el pelo Rizo formal / elegante?

Natural hair is a stage of mind, we are what we think we are,…It got to my attention how many curly girls flat iron their hair when they have an ” important” meeting, date, family reunion or even a girls night out, and don’t get me wrong I am not here to judge anyone, this … Read more