Androgen Hormones and Hair loss/ Las Hormonas Androgenas y su relacion con la perdida del cabello

picture from Google images I received a lot of question concerning hair loss, and before I answer any question I reply (yes I always reply) with several questions, why? Because 90% of the cases if your hair is falling it means something is wrong on the inside. A month ago a follower that I really … Read more

My Journey Back to Natural Hair By: Alicia Gibbs/ Mi regreso al cabello afro.

I don’t have many photos anymore but from what I remember and from what I was told I was born with the most beautiful soft curls. I had curly hair up until about five years old when my aunt, my mother’s younger sister had a brilliant idea “hey what do I do with this extra … Read more

Transitioning ? GOOD NEWS the e-book The Journey Back is here to Help, " WIN ONE "/ Nuevo libro para ayudarte en la transición.

This is so exciting finally a transitioning e-book. Whether you are a well-seasoned Naturalista, newly natural or thinking about taking the journey to becoming natural…This book is for YOU! Trichologist, Dr. Kari Williams, owner of the natural hair studio Mahogany Hair Revolution in Los Angeles has written an informative guide to help you understand the process of transitioning back to … Read more

It is possible to have perfect curls In the Caribbean weather? / Rizos perfectos en el caribe.

traveling with curly hair can be quite a challenge, Variation in the weather can possibly ruin any type of hair, especially if your hair will be exposed to extremely hot weather. Every time I travel to the Caribbean my hair tends to get a little dry and in the summer month can be quite a challenge. Summer fun comes … Read more

Transition And Staying Natural With No Drama/ Has la Transición Y Permanece Natural Sin Drama

Hello Hermosas, In this post I won’t be writing about how to style your hair or what products to use during transition, but I think these advises that helped me stay strong during and after transitioning will help you too. I  have been noticing how frustrating for some new naturals can be to catch up … Read more

FROS ON THE FOURTH, 4th of July natural hair style../ Estilos afro del 4 de Julio

Hello bellas today is the 4th of July and after seeing this image of Fro on the fourth I wanted my afro out, I tried to pick my hair out several times in the past and every time the final result is completely different, that’s the beauty of natural hair.. Here are some pictures of how my hair looked, this … Read more

How to pass a bad hair day/ Como sobrellevar el día que el cabello no responde

We all have bad hair days once in a while, and I ain’t gonna lie, on those days I wish I could stay at home with no mirror around. Last weekend was one of those day for me, and I should of known better, but  my addiction kicked in and I wanted to try not one but … Read more

Twist out results and Curl Gel -les’c review/ resultados de mis twist out y que me parecio el Gel de para que no vea que te alisaste el pelo?, jejjejje

It has been a long time since my last twist out, it was Friday and I was in the mood to try new things, so I washed my hair, deep conditioned, went under the steamer, detangled and used a new product, ufffffff I had the Curl Gel-les’c from Curls for a few weeks, but didn’t try … Read more