Transition And Staying Natural With No Drama/ Has la Transición Y Permanece Natural Sin Drama

Hello Hermosas, In this post I won’t be writing about how to style your hair or what products to use during transition, but I think these advises that helped me stay strong during and after transitioning will help you too. I  have been noticing how frustrating for some new naturals can be to catch up … Read more

Do you need to change your hair products as the seasons change?/Es necesario el cambiar tus productos para el pelo en cada temporada.

Elle Varner Doesn’t it happen to you that your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and Style products don’t work the same in every season? If your answer is no you are a very lucky curly girl. This happens to me in every season, my hair has different needs as the weather changes.. Changing shampoos and conditioners every … Read more

Hair texture change / Cambio en la textura del cabello.

I notice that my 6 year old daughter’s hair is changing its texture a lot lately to the point that it is really hard to curl it self, if I don’t do tiny braids and leave it on for a few days; her hair is not straight either, so it is a little complicated and … Read more

How to pass a bad hair day/ Como sobrellevar el día que el cabello no responde

We all have bad hair days once in a while, and I ain’t gonna lie, on those days I wish I could stay at home with no mirror around. Last weekend was one of those day for me, and I should of known better, but  my addiction kicked in and I wanted to try not one but … Read more

I dyed my hair and now my curls looks dead and lifeless/ me teñí el cabello y ahora mis rizos se ven opacos y sin vida.

It is very common that after coloring our hair it looks dead, lifeless and sometimes we even lose some curl definition Why this happens? Hair color It’s the result of a series of chemical reactions between the molecules in hair, pigments, as well as peroxide and ammonia, if present. The outer layer of the hair shaft, … Read more

How to control your edges and 5 products that works / Como controlar esas orillas difíciles y 5 productos que funcionan

I think one of the biggest challenge of transitioning are your edges, they look and feel like there is nothing on earth that will tame it, I used to relaxed my hair almost every month because I hated to see edges and of course  when I was transitioning that was quite a challenge. Since you nu growth is coming and you … Read more