HUMIDITY, a curly girl’s worst enemy? / Humedad, la peor enemiga de los rizos?

As many of you know- specially if you follow me on instagram, lol – I was in Miami for 5 days thanks to +Latina Mom Bloggers  and Cara B naturally, this was a great experience full of connections and good new friends. The first day I was “almost” the only one with curly hair, the natural … Read more

5 tips to winter ready Curls / 5 Consejitos para unos rizos hermosos durante el invierno

Winter time can be very hash with our hair, because of the indoor heating and lack of moisture in the air.. These tips will keep  your hair moisturized and Camera holiday ready. 1.- Keep your scalp clean, and I don’t recomend or use shampoo regulary, I am not the type of curly girl that will … Read more

My top Fall Moisturizer /Mis Productos Favoritos Para Humectar el Cabello Este Otoño

In Fall, the moisture is lifting from the air and dryness is setting in. So the most crucial part of having a great hair is to find a way to add moisture to it.. Here are two products that help my hair to be moisturize all year long, but with especial attention during fall-winter months, … Read more

Transition your hair into Fall season../ Revitaliza tu cabello despues del verano..

Picture from Google image. Summer is almost over and autumn is around the corner, this is a season filled with changes that not only affect the weather bringing strong winds and lot of rain, but changes in our skin and hair. You may experiment hair loss during summer month and this is because we sweat a lot … Read more

It is possible to have perfect curls In the Caribbean weather? / Rizos perfectos en el caribe.

traveling with curly hair can be quite a challenge, Variation in the weather can possibly ruin any type of hair, especially if your hair will be exposed to extremely hot weather. Every time I travel to the Caribbean my hair tends to get a little dry and in the summer month can be quite a challenge. Summer fun comes … Read more

Do you need to change your hair products as the seasons change?/Es necesario el cambiar tus productos para el pelo en cada temporada.

Elle Varner Doesn’t it happen to you that your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and Style products don’t work the same in every season? If your answer is no you are a very lucky curly girl. This happens to me in every season, my hair has different needs as the weather changes.. Changing shampoos and conditioners every … Read more

Hair texture change / Cambio en la textura del cabello.

I notice that my 6 year old daughter’s hair is changing its texture a lot lately to the point that it is really hard to curl it self, if I don’t do tiny braids and leave it on for a few days; her hair is not straight either, so it is a little complicated and … Read more