Soybean oil and Healthy hair #soyparasoy, Holiday Recipe and Walmart gift card BONUS// El aceite de Soya para un cabello saludable, Receta y concurs.

 I didn’t know much about soybean oil myself, so I had a one on one reading with my friend google. What is soybean? it is healthy? Will my hair benefit from it?  It is good for my health?  Soybean oil for your hair. Soybean oil is used to cook with, but it can also be … Read more

Androgen Hormones and Hair loss/ Las Hormonas Androgenas y su relacion con la perdida del cabello

picture from Google images I received a lot of question concerning hair loss, and before I answer any question I reply (yes I always reply) with several questions, why? Because 90% of the cases if your hair is falling it means something is wrong on the inside. A month ago a follower that I really … Read more

Another Amazing J&J Giveaway and Review./ Reseña y Concurso J&J

I love when I can participate in a campaigne that gives the opportunity to try products and also you can try them too. To find out more about it and to read my other J&J reviews click here. This time I will be reviewing 4 products and you can also win a basket containing these exact products, so you … Read more

It is possible to have perfect curls In the Caribbean weather? / Rizos perfectos en el caribe.

traveling with curly hair can be quite a challenge, Variation in the weather can possibly ruin any type of hair, especially if your hair will be exposed to extremely hot weather. Every time I travel to the Caribbean my hair tends to get a little dry and in the summer month can be quite a challenge. Summer fun comes … Read more

Curly hair teens, dare to bare / Cuando es apropiado el remover vello en las niñas

This post is sponsored by Dove® ClearTone™ Deodorant – designed to visibly reduce underarm dark marks and even skin tone. Being a curly girl has many satisfactions that come with the versatility aspect of it, specially if you have a loosen curl pattern that allows you to go from curly to straight hair in no time, … Read more