CARA B NATURALLY review and giveaway / Cara B naturally mi reseña y concurso

Babies have thinner skin than children and adults, and they also have smaller vital organs, so it’s extremely important to take great care when choosing baby products.One best way to care for your babies is making sure that they use safe baby products for their bodies, skin and hair. Organic baby products are proven safe … Read more

Huetifull steamer Review/ El vaporizador para el cabello Huetiful, mi reseña

Why steaming your hair is a good for your hair?  Steaming your hair is a great deep conditioning treatment for hair and especially natural hair since natural hair is prone to dryness because of the tight curls. Steaming works because it improves scalp blood flow circulation and opens the hair follicles and shaft encouraging moisture … Read more

Review CUSH cosmetic

CUSH  cosmetic  is a holistic, natural cosmetics company that specializes in life promoting botanicals for the skin and hair. I have the privilege  to try: HUILE SUPRÊME MOISTURIZING CRÈME Their claim: Incredible deep -moisturizing conditioner for African American hair, curly hair, chemically treated hair, permed hair, or damaged hair.  Does not contains any synthetic colors, fragrances, or … Read more

Water, hair moisturizer from inside out/ El Agua y tus rizos

Pict. from google image  Want beautiful long hair? Start with your diet, water, water and more water Every day our body performs a number of processes in which water is lost, so the skin and the hair tends to dry out, also reduces the moisture from our bodies need to function well. A balanced intake … Read more

The Curlz behind Wonder Curl products and review

Scarlett Rocourt Scarlett Rocourt Wonder Curl is the brainchild of Scarlett Rocourt, a Haitian born, Jersey Girl who graduated from Rutgers University with a Marketing degree. Her senior year of college began her journey with her hair after being inspired by an article in Essence Magazine about one woman’s experience growing out her perm. After a couple of … Read more