The Best Products Combo to straighten your hair/ El mejor Combo para a lasiar tu pelo..

Being natural is all about versatility and being able to rock any style, because we know what’s best for our hair, we read labels and choose the right tool and tecnique to do so. No matter how you choose to wear your hair you will need the right products to do it.. You all know … Read more

Oat Hair mask, my experience. / mascarilla de avena para el pelo, mi experiencia

Oat is a rich source of carbohydrates, proteins, Biotin and Vitamin E, Zinc, Iron, Magnesium and potassium all good for hair growth.  Some homemade lovers say that Oat can help thickening the hair when added to your conditioner., but this is a debate for another post, lol. I will be writing about  my experience with a revitalizing … Read more

True U Organics PRODUCTS REVIEW and Giveaway/ RESEÑA y Concurso de los productos True U Organics

After going Natural and being more conscious about natural ingredients I have been experimenting with natural products not only on my hair, but on my skin too; But this is the first time I used a natural lip color. True U Organics is a Company founded by Kim P, the company is focused on 100% natural and organic … Read more

Nopal Hair Conditioner / Acondicionador de Nopal para el cabello.

When people find out that I am blogger they don’t quite understand what I do, I am talking about grandparents type, that don’t use social media and computers that much or at all, In my case they ask me to do their hair and advises, the most funny thing people ask is: Can you make my hair … Read more

Another Amazing J&J Giveaway and Review./ Reseña y Concurso J&J

I love when I can participate in a campaigne that gives the opportunity to try products and also you can try them too. To find out more about it and to read my other J&J reviews click here. This time I will be reviewing 4 products and you can also win a basket containing these exact products, so you … Read more

My hair mousse experience / Mi experiencia con Espuma para el cabello.

I don’t like mousse, so when I got a lovely gift from CurlsUnleashed  and saw a mousse on it, I was skeptical about if I should try it or not and Thanks God I did, because I totally love this product. What in it? AQUA (WATER), COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE, POLYQUATERNIUM-11, CETRIMONIUM CHLORIDE, TEA-COCOYL HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN, PANTHENOL, PEG-12 DIMETHICONE, PEG-75 LANOLIN, … Read more

Twist out results and Curl Gel -les’c review/ resultados de mis twist out y que me parecio el Gel de para que no vea que te alisaste el pelo?, jejjejje

It has been a long time since my last twist out, it was Friday and I was in the mood to try new things, so I washed my hair, deep conditioned, went under the steamer, detangled and used a new product, ufffffff I had the Curl Gel-les’c from Curls for a few weeks, but didn’t try … Read more

Looking for a save swimmer’s natural hair products?// Estas buscando un producto seguro natural para nadadores

Pict. from  The summer is finally here, it is all about beach, pool and out doors fun, but your hair overexposed to the  Sun, salt, chlorine and perspiration can make your hair dry and  brittle, specially if your hair is curly. You already read the tips I gave you to protect your hair and looking … Read more