Extra Small Extra Loud; New Year’s Fitness Resolutions On Point / Trucos para llevar a cabo tu resolution de Nuevo Año

To help you hit your fitness new year’s resolutions and as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®  I put together few portable tips to help you achieve it. Getting fit or having a workout routine is always on our New Year’s resolutions, right?  On January the Gym gets packed with new members that … Read more

New Tech for the savvy curly Girl / Las chicas Rizadas también sabemos de tecnología

For my daughter’s first mobile phone and as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® I went with my princesses to Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store to find out my options, if you are looking for your daughter or son’s first mobile phone, here is the details of a student mobile plan I found. Because sharing is caring.


Getting your daughter a new mobile phone is not an easy task/tech for me. First of all, I was not sure if I should get her a phone in the first place, but the truth is that time has changed and between school and after school programs, she spends a lot of time out of the house and getting her a mobile phone will keep us in touch at all time. But any way, before I decided if I was going to get her first mobile phone- first and only item on her christmas list- I wanted to do all the research I could, so I headed to a Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store which is very convenient for us since it is a mall close to home, with pretty much all the cellphone providers.
I pulled my hair to the side in a braid – I didn’t want my hair in my face so I can concentrate on my search for the perfect mobile plan-
Ready for our new tech adventure, lol after looking around into the Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store, we stopped at the spring booth and I really liked the Sprint My Way Promotion that provides students with a full year of free calls, text messages, and data from Sprint. To qualify for the offer, buyers must purchase a Sprint phone at the student activated price through Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store and activate a new line via Sprint’s Unlimited, My Way plan.  The My Way Student Promotion provides students with a full year of free calls, text messages, and data from Sprint. I didn’t get her the phone “yet” but this plan is definitely my first choice since I can’t add another monthly bill to my house budget.
What do you think of this sprint mobile plan? What do you think is the perfect age for a child to have a mobile phone?

An Interactive book to teach kids to love their Natural Hair " The Big Hair Book", review +giveaway / "Big Hair" libro intercativo para ninas que resalta la belleza del cabello rizo/Afrotextura

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Savvy Tech Curly girl:Telcel America review/ Tecnorizos, Reseña del servicio de Telcel America.

Remember the Post/Giveaway I did while ago welcoming Telcel to the US? well I was using their phone and services ever since,. I always get a little exceptional when a new cell phone company is open for business, But when I heard about Telcel America I didn’t, why? Because Telcel is one of the most … Read more

Welcome to my Natural world TELCEL AMERICA, WIN a Phone ///Bienvenido a mi mundo Telcel America, Concurso

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