Don’t skip Breakfast this Holiday; try this Healthy Hair Smoothie/ Batido para un cabello saludable.

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Holiday season can be a little stressful and leaving us with no time for healthy eating options and skipping breakfast, seems to be the most easy thing to do. But remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so let’s start our day with a breakfast that will not only keep our body healthy but will keep us beautiful from the inside out

Breakfast doesn’t need to be so complicated and you can leave everything prepared the night before to make it faster so you don’t have to stop in the drive thru.

Your hair, skin, and nails reflect what’s going on inside your body.

Hair Smothie ingredients:
1 cup Milk.. loaded with protein than can lead to healthy hair
1 cup mix berries of your choice… rich in antioxidants that can help improve your health, protect your skin and hair, and prevent certain diseases.
1/2 cup of protein powder… Protein is one of the body’s main building blocks for the muscles, bones, skin, hair, nails and other tissues, it can also help you on your weight loss plan.
1 tsp Chia (optional) Chia seeds can make your hair stronger and grow faster.  Chia has a good source of omega 3, antioxidants, fiber, read more here 
1 tsp Flaxseed… Flaxseeds are high in  lignin and omega-3 content.
Ice (optional)

Blend to a smooth consistency and enjoy. You can find more recipes at Tomaleche 



Read moreDon’t skip Breakfast this Holiday; try this Healthy Hair Smoothie/ Batido para un cabello saludable.

5 Top Winter Beauty Foods / 5 alimentos principales para el invierno

What you eat will reflect on your skin and hair, the same way we are learning to read the hair and beauty product’s label, we also need to pay attention to the foods we put on our family table and into our body. You don’t need to break the bank to eat healthy, here are 5 super beauty foods under $5 that will help you achieve a beauty from the inside out.

  1. Millet: is a great and different alternative to common grain, mostly included in the bird food mix. Millet is a good source of nutrients like manganese, phosphorus, and magnesium, and rich in protein. For beauty, millet is amazing, because it is high in silicon that benefits your hair, skin, nails, teeth and eye health. You can cook millet the same way you cook other types of grains.
  2. Collard Green:This green leaf is loaded with beta-carotenes, which contribute to the growth and repair of body tissues and may also protect your skin against sun damage. Collard green is a good source of vitamin K, lutein and zeaxanthin. Collard green is a good option to wrap and substitute tortilla for a more healthy option, it has a crunchy feeling and firm texture , which is what makes it ideal to wrap in pretty much anything.
  3. Radish: radish is not only beautiful, but it’s also good for your beauty from the inside out, it contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals that include potassium, vitamin C, folate, fiber, manganese, copper, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B6, riboflavin and sodium. Need some inspiration? try this healthy rich recipe with a cuban flavor from “La cocina de Vero
  4. Cilantro: this herb is a total surprise for me, because in Dominican Republic we usually use it to give flavor to dishes, but we don’t really eat it raw like Mexicans do. But now it is one of my favorite ingredients in salads, soups, tacos (claro) and pretty much anything. It is loaded with vitamins A, K and C, minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium. Cilantro has a huge amount of antioxidants even more than most common fruits and vegetables, which iswhat makes it ideal to add to smoothies and juices. Its also contain folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, and beta carotene.
  5. Celery: Celery has a high amount of water and vitamin A, both essential for our hair and skin to keep our scalp hydrated and moisturized. Vitamin A will nourish the roots of our hair to make it look healthy and shinier. Celery can stimulate hair growth and improve it’s appearance. Eat it raw or add to your favorite smoothie.
    Now you know how good cilantro and celery are for your beauty from the inside out: in a blender mix a handful of cilantro and celery, add a kiwi, citrus juice (lemon or orange) pineapple and water, blend well and enjoy a Green beauty smoothie.

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