Nuts for Curls / Semillas y granos para un cabello saludable.

Part of my healthy, natural life is including new food to my diet and of course everything I eat I do a research in how it benefits my health and hair growth. Nuts are my favorite snack, because they are easy to carry, light weight and are powerfood that keep me full between meals and … Read more

Welcome Almond Milk into my beauty regimen / Bienvenida leche de almendras a mi regimen de belleza

I ain’t gonna lie I didn’t know about almond milk, I didn’t know you can make milk out of almonds, well not you (maybe) but buy almond milk. But thanks to my Pinterest boards I learned about it and how good it is for my overall health. I don’t really like milk, so it took … Read more

Soybean Oil Based Healthy Curl Friendly Recipes //Recetas saludables, beneficiosas para el cabello a base de aceite de Soja.

You already know the benefits of Soybean oil for your hair and over all health, right? no? read this post first  Soybean oil has several better-for-you health benefits that make it the perfect choice for family cooking:Contains 0g trans fats per serving. Serves as a principal source of omega-3s which can help reduce blood pressure … Read more

Keep your body fit and your hair healthy with Chia Seed. /Semila de Chia para mantenerte en forma y un crecer un cabello saludable

Right after I stopped chemical relaxing my hair, my first stop was the vitamin shoppe. At that time they were the only ones carrying some natural hair products in my neighborhood , before sally’s and Walmart; I went there to buy some vitamin and fitness supplement since I was a few pounds up, lol. Shopping … Read more

Soybean oil and Healthy hair #soyparasoy, Holiday Recipe and Walmart gift card BONUS// El aceite de Soya para un cabello saludable, Receta y concurs.

 I didn’t know much about soybean oil myself, so I had a one on one reading with my friend google. What is soybean? it is healthy? Will my hair benefit from it?  It is good for my health?  Soybean oil for your hair. Soybean oil is used to cook with, but it can also be … Read more

Spinach and hair growth, beauty inside out/ las espinacas y el crecimiento del cabello, belleza de afuera hacia adentro..

Some topical hair products may stimulate hair growth, but if you really want long, healthy, shinny hair start from your inside. Hair grows from hair follicles beneath the skin. An oily gland called the sebaceous gland secretes sebum, an oily substance that naturally conditions your hair, into the hair follicle. The hair shaft, the part … Read more