Tomatoes for long healthy hair / Los tomates y tu cabello

I am a product junkie, But I also like to experiment with the ingredients that mother nature has to offer. I cook 3 times a day anyway, so it is very easy for me to experiment with natural ingredients. While I was doing a tomato salad, something came to my mind: are Tomatoes good for … Read more

Summer legs ready with a DIY moisturizing shaving cream / piernas bellas en el verano con esta crema para afeitar humectacte casera.

This is the perfect idea to put to work those hair products that we anxiously got and now we don’t like them… Try this homemade shaving cream to get rid of all those hair products that you don’t use anymore. Ingredients :1 cup of Conditioner1 cup of shampoo5 table spoons of Lotion5 Table spoons of … Read more