Look your best this Valentine day "Al Natural" and some fashion recomendation/ Estilos de pelo rizo para San Valentin y algo de fashion

Valentine day is just around the corner and either you celebrate or not, has a significant other or you are a single Diva this day is good excuse to look your best.. Thanks to chica fashion for this fashion recomendation, please visit her blog, The flouncy leather skirt is both stylish and versatile, like with most … Read more

Beautiful curls NO HEAT / Bello peinado para niña sin usar calor directo

I Confess am in love with:Lo confieso estoy enamorada!!! Fabulous for transition style Lovely on Kids  Excellent for Natural hair Xoxo says my hair to those wonderful curls Incredible on natural straight hair Ridiculously awesome on relaxed hair Outstandingly easy to use Delightful long lasting style This past weekend I tried it on my little one.. it … Read more

Tangled hair/ Porque se enreda mi cabello?

Detangling_natural_hairHere’s my problem: my nine years old daughter has long curly hair and I  spend 20 minutes even more  in the shower with a ton of conditioner trying to detangled her hair. After a lot of conditioner and 30 minutes in the shower separating every hair from every other – 2 days later it’s a tangled mess again.

  • Acording to Clara owner of Dominican hair Styling in CA if your hair is tangled it may be good time of a trim.
  • Always used a wide tooth Comb.
  • Protect your curls at night, a Satin scarf, hat or pillow case are good options .
  • Use a good detangling condition
  • You might also consider using a leave in conditioner in your hair at night to reducing tangling while you toss and turn in your sleep.
  • There is a medical condition that can cause hair to become excessively tangled. It’s called Uncombable Hair Syndrome and it occurs when your hair shaft is more triangular than cylindrical. Without examining your hair, it’s difficult to determine what your condition really is.


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