Photographing curly hair | El cabello Rizado y las fotografías.

El cabello Rizado y las fotografías Natural Hair Photographing curly hairHere’s the thing, I have to take a lot of pictures of my hair all the time, I just have to – and I like to- but photographing curly hair can be a struggle. This is real people, and only women with curly hair will understand that we look amazing in person and a terrible, hot mess on camera.

I look at myself in the mirror and I love what I see, time for selfies. But no, the camera doesn’t agree and doesn’t get along with my mirror. As many of you may notice, I was on vacation on the beautiful and totally new Nickelodeon Hotel in Punta Cana with my family. Seriously guys, this hotel is just gorgeous and perfect if you are traveling with kids but at the same time you want to have some me time.

Any way, I decided that I want to take some pictures, I even posted stories on snapchat. I looked beautiful and my hair was “perfect”. But out of 150 pictures, these pictures right here are the most decent one (but by the way, I don’t really like the way my hair looked in any of them).

The problem with this photo shoot and I can tell you right now, was the wind and the humidity. Plus, my photographer wasn’t the best one, he didn’t quite understand how curly hair worked.

I promise I will get an interview with one of the best photographers in LA that works with women of color all the time. Hopefully she can bring some wisdom on how to take good pictures of ourselves that reflect what we see in the mirror.


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Summer curly HairStyle | Estilo para el cabello rizado

I’m sharing this summer curly hairstyle #CurlsCan as part of a Garnier Fructis sponsored series for Socialstars™curly hair style

I love my hair out and about almost all the time, but when it’s summer time, I like to be creative with hairstyles that make me feel comfortable, cute, and most importantly fresh/cool. This one is by far my favorite summer curly hairstyle for many reasons: super easy, super cute, and super fast.
Cute summer curly hairstyles are great to keep your hair protected and away from your face, but keep in mind that you have to keep a good hair routine to have healthy and hydrated curls. I try to do deep treatments almost every week to keep my hair moisturized.
I rarely use any heat on my hair during summer months, instead I embrace my texture and to moisturize it and refresh my curls daily I use Garnier Frutis Curl Renew Reactivating Milk Spray throughout my hair. It conditions the hair surfaces, smoothes, and calms frizz, renewing your curls for days to come with just the perfect amount of shine.

Say NO!… to alcohol, peroxide, sulfate, etc. these products will cause your hair to dry out faster and will speed the process of damage caused by the sun. If you are using the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Curl Nourish, you are pretty much covered with the best products for your curls this summer. And if you want to try it join the Garnier Crowd on Crowdtap for your chance to receive some Garnier goodies! Don’t forget to enter your shipping address on Crowdtap once you join, and stay tuned for even more upcoming opportunities to try Garnier products Here
Be creative with your curls this summer: hair accessories, hats, scarfs, caps, and updos are your best friends, if you need motivation check this style that has become my staple during summer months.

garnier fructis triple nutrition how to tutorial

  1. Start by applying Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition curl nourish butter cream to soften your hair, I never touch or manipulate my curls when they are completely dry, so I spritz it with water and then add leave-in conditioner.
  2. Put a hairband across your forehead and begin to tuck your hair into it.
  3. Every time you tuck in your hair, secure with bobby pins.
  4. Voila! You have yourself a cute summer curly hairstyle! Summer style


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10 reasons to start loving your curls |10 Razones para amar tus RIZOS

I am sharing these 10 reasons to start loving your curls as part of a Garnier Fructis sponsored series for Socialstars™#CurlsCan 10 reasons to start loving your curls Sitting in a restaurant on my recent trip to the Dominican Republic, a girl came up to me and told me that my hair is her dream hair. My answer was simple -as I  noticed that her hair was chemically relaxed- “that dream hair is under all those chemicals you put on your hair”. She laughed and began to argue that she feels that natural hair is not versatile. Could I argue with that? Yes I could and I had 1,010 pictures on my phone to prove her wrong.

Sometimes what really stops us from loving our curls or our hair type in general is our thoughts, once we stop believing that our hair is not sexy, fashionable, professional, or anything in between, we start realizing that there are a million reasons to love our curls, and here are ten of them:

  1. It is part of your body. Why don’t you love your curls when it is part of your body? embracing what we have is the first step to actually love ourselves, our body, and just the way we are in general with our flaws and imperfections.
  2. Gorgeous curls attracts attention. Once you accept your hair and wear it proudly, the compliments will fly your way, accept it and embrace it.
  3. It is practical. Seriously, my hair doesn’t fail to amaze me every time. In the morning, all I have to do is spray some curl reactivating spray like Garnier Fructis curl renew with 3x the typical moisture for defined, stronger curls and I am good to go. Bad hair day? no problem, because buns (low or high) are our best friends.curl renew
  4. I don’t have to run and hide when it rains. If you have ever had relaxed hair, you know that water was our worst enemy. Well, water is actually my best friend now, so a little bit of rain doesn’t scare me anymore. Flowers need rain!!!
  5. You are unique, and you should be proud to have your curls.
  6. You no longer have to spend your whole Saturday in a hair salon. Remember those days? ufff scary. Once you get to know your curls and know exactly what works for you, you can be ready in no time. For me it’s super simple: wash my hair + seal with oil + leave-in conditioner+ curl defining cream, dry as I go or use the diffuser. It allows me to enjoy the things that really matter to me like my family.
  7. I have more choices. Curly hair is versatile, and it allows me to play around with a lot of style. Curly hair is classy, profesional, sexy, trendy, and most importantly it is mine.natural curly hair caretransform your hairnatural hair grow
  8. Make yourself a role model. This is by far the most important one (for me) because the little ones, look up to you. I can’t explain with words the impact that wearing my hair natural had given my daughters. It is amazing seeing them embracing and accepting their curly hair. When the three of us walk in any place, all eyes are on us, compliments and positive comments fill our lives with joy just by being ourselves. fearless
  9. I define by own beauty. For so many years we got a certain idea of what beauty was, but now I get to define my own beauty. I get to define that uniqueness is beautiful, I am beautiful.
  10. Natural is healthy. When you wear your hair natural, you start to make better choices for you, your hair, and your overall health. All of a sudden, you start to read labels, ingredients, and making better choices for you and your family.

I could keep this list going and going, I know you have some reasons to love you curls as well, so why don’t you comment them down below. Maybe it’s that now we have traditional brands like Garnier Fructis paying more attention to our healthier choices giving us the beautiful gift of their new curly hair line, sulfate free, with 3x the typical moisture for defined, stronger curls and loaded it with the healthy ingredients that we want and deserve, check it out HERE and remember to LOVE YOUR CURLS!!!

Join the Garnier Crowd on Crowdtap for your chance to receive some Garnier goodies! Don’t forget to enter your shipping address on Crowdtap once you join, and stay tuned for even more upcoming opportunities to try Garnier products Here 


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