Hibiscus For Hair | Flor de Cayena para el cabello.

hibiscus for hair

Spring and summer is in full effect and the flowers are blooming in our backyards and gardens, so how do you like the idea of taking advantage of the flowers to not only decorate our spaces but to condition our hair? Hibiscus was one of favorite flowers when I was a child, mainly because it […]

Stop underarm sweat | Como para el sudor de las axilas

underarm sweat remedy

If you’ve experienced excessive underarm sweat, you already know how embarrassing and stressful it is, which in fact makes things even worse because you get anxious and that means more sweat. Sweating is a natural process which means it is actually good for your body because it regulate your internal temperature, removing excess heat and cooling […]

New natural hair care products at target |Nuevas lineas de productos naturales en Target

natural hair products at target

Four new hair care lines are joining the target family and ready for you since March as part of target’s effort to bring us a wide range of natural products. Four hair care lines for all your hair’s needs; free of harmful chemicals and full of nutrient-rich, restorative and plant-based ingredients,  say hello to Attitude, Renpure, SoapBox and […]