More Than beauty|Mas que belleza

cirugia de mucocele inferior

I knew that I wanted my daughter’s crooked teeth fixed, and it was a pure matter of beauty, I want her to have a pretty smile, to be confident, and not worry about her teeth. Time passed and fixing her teeth became more than a matter of a beautiful smile. Let me tell you Liah’s […]

The most potent immunostimulatory | Nuevo ingrediente anti-envejecimiento

anti-aging skin care

Meet alasta® the ingredient that promises to be the most potent immunostimulatory ingredient derived from Aloe. Aloe vera has been known for thousands of years for its wound-healing and moisturizing properties. Most Aloe vera used in beauty products come from the gel inside the plant. While researching the healing properties of Aloe vera and its effect on the immune […]

Washing away labels |Rompiendo estereotipos

proud latina

This conversation is sponsored for Socialstars and Tide #TideThat #WashAwayLabels We are all different from one another, specially us women, if you lined up 1000 randomly selected women from different places around the world, you will see that none of us -even from the same place, family, ect- would have the same skin tone, the […]