How the oil work in the moisture process of your hair/ como trabajan los aceites en el proceso de humectacion del pelo

you can simply put water in your hair to moisture. Water is vital to the overall health of your hair. Our hair needs water to maintain its elasticity. Elasticity is the ability of a strand of hair to stretch and return to its original length.  The better the elasticity of your hair, the stronger it is. The stronger the … Read more

lanolin- Lanolina

Lanolin is a very greasy material produced by the sebaceous glands of sheep. It acts as an excellent moisturizer for skin and hair and also functions as an effective water barrier. A byproduct of wool-gathering and refining, it is easily obtained and is a renewable resource. For this reason, lanolin has been used as an … Read more

Tangled hair/ Porque se enreda mi cabello?

Detangling_natural_hairHere’s my problem: my nine years old daughter has long curly hair and I  spend 20 minutes even more  in the shower with a ton of conditioner trying to detangled her hair. After a lot of conditioner and 30 minutes in the shower separating every hair from every other – 2 days later it’s a tangled mess again.

  • Acording to Clara owner of Dominican hair Styling in CA if your hair is tangled it may be good time of a trim.
  • Always used a wide tooth Comb.
  • Protect your curls at night, a Satin scarf, hat or pillow case are good options .
  • Use a good detangling condition
  • You might also consider using a leave in conditioner in your hair at night to reducing tangling while you toss and turn in your sleep.
  • There is a medical condition that can cause hair to become excessively tangled. It’s called Uncombable Hair Syndrome and it occurs when your hair shaft is more triangular than cylindrical. Without examining your hair, it’s difficult to determine what your condition really is.


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heat damage / Que hacer si tienes el cabello danado por el calor

Picture form google image Heat damage is one of the major issues many women face when it comes to growing hair long–especially African-American women. Because African-American hair is very delicate and fragile, we have to be very careful to protect the hair when using heat. Better yet, avoiding heat altogether will yield wonderful results. WHY THIS HAPPEN … Read more