Curly Girl have more fun!!!!

Stephanie Ballena(dancer) They say that Blonde Girls have more fun, Cinderella is blonde even Barbie has platinum hair a and blue eyes, but we are no doll or Cartoon, not some Hollywood mega production, we are CURLY GIRLS, real woman that chose to spend their time and money in more healthy and constructive matters  than Perm, relaxer … Read more

how to grow your natural hair

Yaya Parker There’s no scientifically proven way to make your hair grow faster. But, there is a lot of research on what causes hair loss. And the less hair you lose, the more hair you have growing to your length of choice, right? While some of the causes of hair loss can’t be helped, there are several things … Read more

Q. from Diondria Williams

The sun is lightening my hair quite a bit. I never noticed that when I was relaxing my hair. Is natural hair more prone to that?it does seem weird that the sun bleaches our hair and darkens our skin. This mostly has to do with hair being dead and skin being alive. The sun lightens your hair … Read more

Shiny, Strong Hair

When you see a certain shampoo brand commercial where the woman (always, always) has amazingly shiny hair, do you find yourself yelling “come on” at the TV? I know I am  Turns out, it’s time to stop the cynicism. You actually can have totally shiny and strong hair in real life– you just need a little help.  Fist and … Read more


              Hi  my natural “bellas”             THIS GIVEAWAY IS OPEN TO ALL MY SUBSCRIBER   CURLZRULES OHH, There are no rules! all you have to do is subscribe or follow this blog and add a comment to this post only ; you can say Hi, or tell … Read more