Is cyclomethicone Bad for your natural hair? Es la ciclometicona malo para tu pelo?

Formula: [–(CH3)2SiO–]n, Systematic name: Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane; Cyclohexasiloxane; Cyclopentasiloxane Also listed as: Cyclopentasiloxane; cyclopolydimethylsiloxane; decamethyl; decamethylcyclopentasiloxane; cyclic dimethylsiloxane pentamer;  cimethylcyclopolysiloxane; dow corning 344 fluid; dow corning 345 fluid; dow corning 344; dow corning 345. Definition: Cyclomethicone is a clear, liquid, colorless, silicone-based compound with a drier finish than dimethicone. A synthetic silicone oil. Works in a variety … Read more

" I would look in the mirror and only see ugly" Mariposa dew natural hair story and giveaway. La historia de los rizitos de Mariposa Dew

When I first saw this beautiful girl on Facebook I was amaze by her beautiful curly hair, by her name Mariposa Dew celebrates and by her talent, she design my new logo and I just love the way she understood my needs and budget.. Who is Wendy Carmona-Florencio  I’m a loved wife, a blessed mother of … Read more